Marketing Mix: Hand Sanitizer Assignment

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Marketing MIX Hand Sanitized Through the marketing mix, businesses use the controllable variables of product, price, place, and promotion to define the firms marketing strategy (Borrowers, 2011). The companies use these elements to contribute to the businesses marketing of the product, service, or good sold. While developing a product, determining the price, making the product convenient for customers to purchase or access, and promotion the product to advise the consumer of the product the business will have a solid marketing strategy in response to the marketplace around (Borrowers, 2011).

Background 946 COCO Industries created by Golden and Jerry Lippies developed the first hand sanitized and later introduced in 1988 Purely Instant Hand Sanitized (GO Industries, 2012). GO created Purely to reduce the spread of germs for health care providers and restaurant operators without needing soap and water. Effective at killing 99. 99% of common germs In 1997 Purely Hand Sanitized was no longer Just available to the hospitals and restaurants, but consumers everywhere (GO Industries, 2012).

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Product Gel hand sanitized that Just kills germs evolved into a global market of other products (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 2012). Removing dirt and killing germs with Just one pump (U. S. Food and Drug Administration, 2003). Purely offers hand sanitized in a variety of sizes, shapes, and forms. Developing personal pump bottles, hands free dispensers, Jelly wrapped carriers, and personal hand wipes Purely offers more than Just keeping hands free of germs. Convenience, personalized, dermatologist tested, doctor recommended, hypoallergenic. Long with Vitamin A. E. And Aloe Purely can be used everywhere by everybody (CDC, 2012). Price With the rising cost of healthcare eliminating contributing factors which increase sits to the doctor at a reasonable price is not only what consumers look for but also employers (Borrowers, 201 1). When Faded Custom Critical added Purely Instant Hand Sanitized to its work environment, the company saw a 20% reduction in absenteeism (GO Industries, 2012). Purely has a variety of sizes offering a variety of prices.

Purely Hand Sanitized pricing range from size and dispensers wanted having a wide variety of products make It easier for every type of consumer to purchase (GO Industries, 2012). Compared to the leading hand soap, reaching an average price of $3. 04, Purely eight ounce standard bottle average at a price of $3. 79 factoring in the time and water used Purely proves convenience, accurate, and fast making the use of Purely a deal consumers are will to pay (GO Industries, 2012). Place Product celestially and convenience can determine whether a consumer purchases the product or not.

Purely is available in every drugstore chain in the United States ranging from Walgreen, to Rid- Aid and places like C.V.. Even sold in department stores Like Target, Wall-Mart, and K-Mart. GO keeps Purely accessible making It available In grocery stores and discount stores Like Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Big Lots etc. As technology expands, it opened a new market for business to offering product s home. Purely brand products can be found on thousands of website on the internet, and the Purely shop website (GO Industries, 2012).

In as little as one click finding the hospital size dispensers, wipes, and hand sanitized have become a quick find (GO Industries, 2012). Promotion Purely various ways to let consumers know a product like hand sanitized is available. Having commercial advertisements targeting the main consumer “mother with kids” keeping up with technology and reaching people everywhere with Twitter ND Faceable pages (Twitter, 2012). Although regularly keeping in touch with consumers while giving tips to stay germ free (Faceable, 2012).

In 2006, Purely launched call to action campaigns for consumers disturbing yellow stickers on the cover of every magazine in physician offices and hospitals. Placing each sticker in the appropriate place exposing the dates so the stickers could read, “Thumbed through by people since May 2005” and “Exposing patients to more germs since June 2004” (Purely Ad Campaign, n. D. ). This campaign helped Purely transition to creating a Faceable page and Twitter account were consumers can interact and discuss the rand (Purely Ad Campaign, n. D. ).

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