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Their ice cream only comes In small tubs because It Is homemade and handcrafted, which Is the old-fashioned way, in small quantities. The ice cream flavors are indicated at the top of the tub which is only handwritten. Competitive advantage: Careen’s Best is only artisan ice cream company that produces their own milk (Holly’s milk- family’s dairy farm in Bay, Laguna) so they can only get the best base Ingredient for their ice cream. Over 30 flavors, they do not mass produce their Ice cream. They only make Ice cream when It is ordered by their distributors and that’s how they maintain quality.

Quality means taking no shortcuts, and getting no substitutes for the finest ingredients. Very simply, that is the secret of Careen’s Best. What remains Is to taste and enjoy. ” Ice Cream Flavors Pistachio: Let the bold, nutty flavors of real Sicilian pistachios wow you with every creamy mouthful. A must try for all pistachio lovers! Pistachio Almond Fudge: Our tribute to the classic Basking Robbins flavor- we use pistachios from Sicily and our homemade chocolate fudge, drizzled with chopped almonds. It’s sure to bring back all those happy memories! Jamaica Almond Fudge: Another favorite from Basking

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Robbins, our version uses our best-selling Brazilian coffee Ice cream, with a sprinkling of chopped almonds and to-die-for homemade chocolate fudge. Spanish Turn: Spanish Turn did Joana, which is made of crushed almonds, lend a nutty, captivating sweetness to a dense and luxurious ice cream texture. Cereal Milk: Inspired by Christina Toss’s creation at Infamous Milk Bar, we created this cornflake- Infused milk for an all-day breakfast treat. The flavor of champions! Hokey Pokey: Vanilla ice cream riddled with chunks of golden caramel honeycomb. This New

Zealand favorite is making waves in the Philippines. Brazilian Coffee: Brazilian freeze dried premium coffee blended with velvety ice cream makes for a perfect afternoon pick-me-up Butter Pecan: Made with fresh butter from our farm and crunchy pecan morsels. No wonder this flavor Is a favorite! Salted caramel: subtle, smoky sweetness of salted caramel combined with rich, buttery ice cream for a sweet-and-salty- indulgence Malted Milk: Hornlike malted milk powder from England swirled into rich, thick Ice cream to evoke happy childhood memories in every bite. OFF Klaus Coffee Eggnog Green Tea Avocado Butterscotch Pecan Cheese Coconut Cookie Dough Cookies & Cream Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Honey Madagascar Vanilla Maple Walnut Milk Chocolate Rock Road Strawberry Trees Leeches Be 2. PRICE Careen’s Best ice cream is available in pint (16 ounces) at IPPP and premium at IPPP. There are also retailers selling the ice cream by scoop and another as part of the menu. The price is almost the same compared to other ice cream company, which is ranging from IPPP-IPPP (in pint), it depends on the flavor.

They have this strategy that in order to maintain quality, they are not mass producing their ice cream. They just produce ice cream when it is ordered by their distributors. And maybe, the disadvantage is that their distribution system is limited because they are not up to quantity. Yes, maintaining the quality is really the best way to compete, but quality and quantity should be equally valued. More produced ice creams made with quality could possibly bring more customers. They should also expand the range of their distributions to be more competitive among other ice cream companies. 4.

Promotions They promote their product by giving away some G’s (gift certificates), freebies and rooms so customers can avail different ice cream flavors. They also have their own TV advertisement but not viewed nationwide. Maybe, their promotions effort is good but not enough. They still not have sufficient promotions or advertisements to make their product more competitive among other ice cream companies. They should invest in increasing their promotion efforts in television and other advertisements. They should target more customers and expand the range of their distributions, local and in abroad to increased their market potential.

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