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It has been my privilege to have been associated with Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development programmers throughout that time. The programmers have evolved over the years but have awarded either a PEG Dip HARM or Masc. HARM. I was awarded my PhD in 2006 and since that time have also supervised Pads in HARM. I was CUPID programmer leader from 2008-12 and most recently have been awarded the role of co-ordination CUPID accredited activities within Sailors Business School as CUPID Link Tutor.

I have contributed to the launch in September 2012 of exciting new programmers focused on Masc. HARM&D. I am Chair of the CUPID Manchester Branch until May 2013 It has 4. 800 members and is the second largest in the country. The branch engages ND interacts with members providing a diverse and rich range of activities and support. I consider myself fortunate to have had an Interesting and rewarding career. Jonathan Lord Jonathan is a Lecturer in Human Resource Management and Module Leader. He has previously been a H.

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R. Director, Manager and Consultant, working across all three sectors. Specifically Jonathan has worked within the transport and construction Industries, as well as carrying out HER projects wealth the public and voluntary sector. Jonathan has a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Management. The major search undertaken involved an analysis of Recruitment and Selection techniques within the Private, Public and Voluntary sectors, analyzing the reasons why there are differences In the usage of techniques.

Jonathan also gained a Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) degree In Human Resource Management from the university of Sterling and Is a is currently in the process of completing a Doctorate qualification, the area of research focusing on the purpose of employment tribunals and their effectiveness. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Organizations play a major and continuing role in the lives of us all, especially with he growth of large-scale private sector companies (such as MOM, Virgin, Tests and so on) as well as public sector bodies (such as INS hospital trusts, local government, and the civil service).

The term ‘organizations’ refers to a variety of different types of institutions which utilities various social and technical arrangements to bring a number of people together into a relationship in which the actions of some are directed by others towards the achievement of certain tasks (whether this be manufacturing and selling computers or delivering health care).

Such organizations should be viewed less as a redefined structure into which people are ‘slotted’ and more as an ongoing and ever-changing coalition of people with quite different and often conflicting interests and purposes who are willing, within limits, to meet the requirements of management. Organizational Behavior (B) is a field of study which is concerned with the analysis and understanding of the behavior of people within such organizational settings.

This specific B module will embrace an understanding of the following areas: the behavior of people the process of management the organizational context in which behavior and management take place organizational processes and the execution of work interactions with the external environment of which the organization is a part The study of organizational behavior necessarily involves an interdisciplinary behavioral science approach, and this module will draw especially on the theories, concepts and methodology of Psychology and Sociology (thereby building on the framework established within the first year People Management module which many students will have studied). There will be a distinctly ‘humanistic’ orientation, which views people and their attitudes, perceptions, learning capacities and goals, as well s their tensions and conflicts, which are all of major importance to the organization. In addition, there will be a practical emphasis, concerned with providing answers to a variety of complex every-day real-life questions which arise in the context of working in and managing work organizations.

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