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Price is setting the right price, one as to figure out how people will react to different prices and set the right price. If the price Is set to low the company could lose money and if It Is set to high the product might not sale. Promotion Is telling the market about the product, it Is also used to find new customers (Perpetual, Cannon, & McCarthy, Chapter 2, 2011). A good example of the marketing mix would be suntan lotion.

Looking at each P of the ups for suntan lotion, product- beach goers are in the sun so they would need protection from the sun, place- you would not try to sell suntan lotion to customers in cold eliminates, price- if the price is to high people would buy a cheaper brand, promotion- you would want to promote at the beaches then move to water parks and warmer climates. Reilly auto parts is one of the top distributors of automotive part in the United States. Reilly Auto Parts opened the first store in 1957 and has continued to grow through acquisitions and mergers.

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In 1993 they went public and started selling stock in the company. Reilly Auto Part now has over 4,000 stores in 42 deferent states and 24 distribution centers 0. The future plan for Reilly Auto Parts Is to continue to pen more stores and dilutions centers. The marketing mix can be seen within the Reality’s marketing strategy. They offer a product that in these times is in great demand. Automobiles are not going anywhere anytime soon. Over the history of the company automobiles have changed and so has the parts that the company offers.

The company now offers parts for gas, diesel and electric motor vehicles and select alternative fuel products. They also offer a special order service, which means If the part Is not In the store the employees well on most of the parts that they sell to customers, these warranties can last anywhere room 30 days to lifetime. In addition to auto parts Reilly also offers other products such as, oils, antifreeze, part cleaners, and products to clean and enhance the performance of the engine and transmission. They also offer accessories such as floor-mats, radios, window tint, etc.

Over the years the company has changed the products they offer as the demand has changed. Place is another aspect of the marketing mix that the company has bayed close attention to. With over 4,000 stores nationwide with more stores to open soon. With at least 1 store in most of the big cities in the state of Texas. In larger cities you will find more stores, for example in the Dallas-Fort Worth are there are more then 60 Reilly Auto Parts locations (“Texas Cities With Stores”, 2008-2013). With cities getting bigger and more and more vehicles on the roads today Reilly understands the need for more places to sell their products.

Price is something the company take pride in offering competitively low prices. The Reilly mission statement reads “Reilly Automotive intends to be the dominant supplier of auto parts in our market areas by offering our retail customers, professional installers, and Jobbers he best combination of price and quality provided with the highest possible service level” (“Our Mission”, 2008-2013). They also offer employee, auto shops and Jobbers (third party part stores) discounts so the savings can be past to their customers as well.

Promotion is important to any company as it is with Reilly Auto Parts. The company uses many different means to get their name out in the public. For example they use television commercials, radio advertisements, and sponsorship. The company sponsors many different types of sports and entertainment, such as car shows, races, boxing, professional wrestling. The company also relies on return business and word of mouth. That is way product, place and price are the top concern, that way people want to come back and continue buying from the company.

In Conclusion the marketing mix consist of the ups; product, place, price, and promotion. A company to be successful it need the right product in the right place for the right price and they need to let people know about the product. Reilly Auto Part had found the right combination of these four things and has became on of the top companies in the auto parts. They sell a product that is always in demand, for imitatively low prices, they also has a large number of store in almost every state in the United States and they use many different types of advertising to get the word out about their product.

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