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This is also allowing communication through the public and the dealers of motocross dealers with schools based on how to learn how to ride with owing riders through championship races and amateur shows for promotion and developing a larger community throughout the motto world. Review pricing policy. Analyses pricing variables to determine their effect on demand.

The pricing policy on Barras suppliers are based on dealership and manufacture prices with and inclusion of Barras overheads, this determines final price that is displayed throughout the website and store, these prices range over the number of products that are in stock with Barras, from clothing, motocross equipment and motocross bikes themselves. With an inclusion of an interest free long-term lullaby this allows the consumers to have products on demand when they are able to make full purchase later on.

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Being a distribution to other dealers and manufactures allows Barras to order in of selected models and stock if available within the manufactures themselves. This allows flexibility with Barras to meet to demand in stock without wastage when ordering in large quantity. Analyses the impact and importance of the following elements to market outcomes.

The promotional methods Being a distribution for Motocross enthuses Barras uses multiple ways to self remote through sponsorship of competitive riders whom are entered into competitions for both promotional and also competitive status among other distributors and dealers. The channels of distribution There are two main channels of distribution the first major method is online distribution, which meets to the international consumers with delivery of units and equipment to the consumers directly.

This method is proven more affective where as the visiting of a store is time consuming for the more knowledgeable consumers within the motocross industry whom would prefer a quick and effective way to place ND order on the run. The second and less effective channel of distribution is the physical stores which are based in several locations within Australia, some being only within Melbourne and Sydney, this channel can be ineffective with 60% of the other consumers being based internationally or nationally to the physical stores location.

The level of customer service provided. The level of customer service is set by the communication that is given to the consumers with updates through their latest news and calendar events with the ability to contact Barras directly with the call centre and email contacts that allows immunization between the dealer and the consumer for questions for online and in store products. This is also shown with their Barras University that has a lifetime coaching for beginner riders and consumers. Identify Brass’s potential customer base.

What are the key pressure points for success in reaching them. The key pressure points to Barras to successfully gain a customer base and strengthen customer base is through promotional opportunities that Barras brings to their consumers with acknowledgements to their community and sponsored riders this is reaching out to a younger generation of riders and also establishing communication tit the community through sponsored rides and races that further promote Barras as a motocross supplier and disturber. Establish the components of the marketing mix.

Include information on how each element of the marketing mix has been used, their significance to each other and their relevance to the customer base. Within the Marketing Mix that is established by Barras is seen through the name of the products for motocross enthuses, such supporting products are well established motocross products such as Monster energy drinks, Unit clothing and Fox Riding gear. Shown in the diagram below Appendix 1. PART B: Identify external environmental factors. Assess their potential impact on the marketing mix.

Identify consumer priorities, needs and preferences. In what ways do they impact the marketing mix. The consumer’s needs and preferences are solely based on the motocross industry this narrows down the consumers and the target audience this means that there is less chance of further sales and meeting to a larger audience if there is no consumer interest in any of the products provided by Barras, If Barras was to meet to the larger audience the marketing mix would change to meet to this target audience. Shown within Appendix 2.

Evaluate new products or services against marketing objectives, target market characteristics and desired positioning. New products that are not strictly based on Motocross products meet to different audiences but deter from the main target audiences creating a consumer and retail distribution drawing focus away from their potential market of Motocross enthusiasts as Barras focus on the motocross community with schooling and products. Assess the marketing mix in relation to the organizational, strategic and operational marketing objectives.

Select the most appropriate mix and explain your decision. The most appropriate mix that would define the organizational, strategic and operational marketing objective is based on educating and distributing goods to the new upcoming riders. Product: Clothing and Equipment that are sized to younger consumers Price: Affordable pricing with the continuation of interest free lullaby on other products Place: Continuing online distribution but spanning out to other areas of distribution that are familiar to the younger generation for example; EBay, Gummier, etc…..

Promotion: Barras currently remote themselves through sponsoring and social networking this is an effective form to a younger generation with the inclusion of other media outlets, online advertising; Youth, Twitter and other areas of electronic communication. PART C Monitor the performance of the organization’s products and or services in order to determine which components should/are to be tested.

For Barras to further improve in their current services is expanding their physical presents throughout Australia with more stores across the nation this allows for more consumers and a competitive edge in the market place with more than on area of distribution, this can be tested in promotion at events that happen in other major cities across Australia with a store presence at the event, this allows Barras to study and test the market in other areas across Australia. Evaluate the implications of altering one or more components of the marketing mix in response to market factors and consumer response.

The alteration that would be made to the current Marketing Mix is the promotion and place that will expand into other areas if Barras was to establish a bigger presence in other major ties across Australia, in turn this leaves the opportunity for a larger consumer findings from IQ 3, ensuring that the final mix meets: budget requirements: A large budget is required for the establishing of further physical distribution and presences within Australia this means that the company would have to meet to 4 more larger cities based around Australia in addition to and expanding budget for promotion for these establishments to been seen by the local consumers within the area of development. organizational strategic objectives Within the organization there would be an expansion of staff and services to meet he expansion of the business this means that Barras would have to introduce a large number of staff and take this into account when developing a budget for the increase of stores. Operational marketing objectives Marketing would need to expand into the region that Barras are establishing their new stores. Desired market positioning.

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