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BARRAS company has been established by Brad Smith. The business started when Smith Imported elite motocross bikes from Asia, and then moved into bike design and manufacture. Noticing a gap in the market, he expanded the business in 2008 into a retail concept store, selling motocross bikes, accessories and street wear, with the unique addition of an indoor foam pit for the practicing of jumps and tricks on BMW In 2008 he thinks a retail outlet intended to be “the motocross equivalent of a surf shop: The original motocross store in his native

Allowances, has now become 4 stores In Frankfort and Hobart are company owned, Allowances and Davenport are franchised. Selling everything to do with the lifestyle – from parts and accessories, to riding gear and street clothes. Barras motocross franchise: having been awarded Australian Specialized Retail Business of the Year three times. Brad Smith is set to expand his business into the US, hot on the heels of being shortlist for an international award. Barras is the 3 time Australian Specialized retail business of the year.

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They were custom-built and cost in excess of $12,000. Brad was determined to evolve and build a cheaper version. “If we were going to get the sport pumping In Australia, like it was in the States, we needed a super light bike that was more affordable. ” After 3 years of development in the garage, Brad designed a bike he thought was competitive. He then traveled to China to find a factory that would make it to his exact specs and avoid the quality Issues he’d found with other Imports.

After much searching, and with very little money or backing, he was lucky enough to find a French-owned company that shared his vision. And the name barras, well it was Brad’s nickname for years. It’s the sound a motocross bike makes when It’s accelerating”, says Brad. 2. Identify the key characteristics of their products and service and their significance to the market. Quality of product According to research and article of his interview When he was at 17, he imported toy 2 the market extensively and went to China where he sourced two factories prepared to make bikes to his specifications.

He now produces arguably the best pit bikes available in the world. Nine years on, they use only the best quality materials and the latest innovative technology to manufacture our dirt bikes, parts and accessories. As a exult barras works with major manufacturers from all over the world which are France, Italy, Canada, Asia, USA etc to produce arguably the best motorcycle of this type. It’s the only diatribe on the planet with lifetime warranty and the first production bike to win a title at the World championships. Hey are constantly improving products to keep themselves at the top of the game. In addition,barras motorcycles are designed and tested in Australia and assembled by qualified barras mechanics which mean they produce Australian standard quality products. And also according to customer feedback, Barras maestro looks top notch and with al the different plastics and graphics kit it is really easy to customize it. The frame on this bike is unbelievable the bikes are metal tested for strength and quality and iv never seen a frame so sturdy.

The engine in these things are great the have an oil filter to keep your oil nice and clean with the exception of the “bolt” which you unscrew to insert your fresh oil. These bikes really are great and the quality is Just awesome and go out on a full days ride with mates and be confident that nothing will break or go wrong. Therefore Barras would involve to improve quality of product in the market and occupational health and safety issues as well. Rumination On the Barras web site there is Barras Club that has been established two permanent club facilities with plans to establish more and to help other people through the barras club & community group, creating a place that kids want to be at helping them find their own passion and direction. The aim is to provide a safe and fun riding environment for the entire family to promote our sport and raise the profile of superlative riding and to build an affordable adrenaline sport. Flat tracks are available for beginner riders while intermediate motocross tracks are provided or riders who wish to build skill and confidence.

A Lass Vegas replica super cross track is also available for advanced riders. Additionally,studies have shown that young people who are involved in regular recreational activity or are apart of a club are less likely to take up drugs or get involved in crime, it’s for this reason that the barras club offers race events, coaching, ride days along with rider education days with the approval of Motorcycling Australia. As a result, Barras would impact health and safety , how to ride bike which is education, and specially Barras is concerned social reform is significant of their purpose.

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