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There is the Nab Jar. For kids aged three through five, Nab 2 which Is designed for kids ages our through ten, and the Nab CD for kids aged ten through fourteen. Each tablet has features that customers care about such as: parental controls, learning device, internet capability, and design. Some nice things that distinguish the Nab from competitors is that these tablets teach kids to make good choices, academically sound, streams music and TV, over five hundred APS that are mom approved, wireless syncing, and has cloud backup.

Consumers choose this product by researching and comparing others to this brand. When all reviews have been read this is the best noted tablet for children. The product is branded with the name Nab’, ND with Its special design that Is designed tough for kids who accidentally drop It. Price Is a big Issue when pricing tablets for children, because parents want something good for their children, but something that will not break the bank. The Nab is priced at an average price, when compared to other tablets at the same level.

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The tablet for the youngest children are one hundred dollars and then go up from there to one hundred sixty dollars for the Nab 2 and two hundred seventy for the Nab CD. The rationale for employing pricing strategy is supply and demand. It depends on the demand for the product and the cost to make it. It does not matter if you buy the Nab tablet In bulk or not, it is the same price no matter what. Nab tablets are sold In all stores that sells electronics, such as phones and tablets.

Some stores that I have seen them in is Wall-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Radio Shack. These stores are chosen because they sell electronics and parents will come in for a phone or tablet for themselves and see the Nab for their children. When the Nab Is placed in the store the store puts the Nab with other tablets because It Is an electronic. If you cannot get to the store to buy the product, you can buy the product n the internet. Shopping online rather than in a brick and mortar outlet Is better to most.

When shopping online it is easy to compare the same product at different places to find the best place to buy It, and read reviews on that product compared to similar products of the same nature. This concept could be done by going to a mall and comparing prices and products at the many stores, but this would take hours 1 OFF that you can shop at your own time. Most brick and mortar stores will open and close at a certain time, and that may not meet the needs of some people that work different hours than those. If you are purchasing online and there is no physical location in your state you are not required to pay sales tax. (Tollhouse) To promote the Nab tablets the company advertises on the kid channels on the TV, and they use the popular kids shows to show different APS that can go on the tablet. Them doing this makes the kids want the product because of their favorite shows will be on the tablet and is like an adults tablet. Another way of promoting the Nab tablets is by putting them at eye level of kids in the store so that they will see it and tell their parents they want it. Advertising is a way that a company gets their name out there. Sometimes, you will see something you like or a company that you like and cannot remember it later.

Therefore, companies have to make sure they are doing a great Job at making ads that make you remember who they are, and for businesses they can put their name on things that are in front of people all the time, such as pens, mouse pads, etc. Personal selling is a great way to promote people to help a business get more business. People get something in compensation of them referring a person to that company. Such as, dish network gives their customers fifty dollars for each friends hat they refer to dish network and them sign up with them.

It gives people the incentive to save money, and who does not like to save money? Companies have to communicate with the various public, such as: employees, customers, potential investors, government and the general public. This is called public relations. Friedman states, “It is important for a company to have solid reputation and a positive image if it desires to attract employees, investors, and customers. ” A company found unethical will have trouble finding employees, and attract unwelcome government interest. Companies also use public relations to deal with false rumors. Procter and Gamble once had to deal with this, when a rumor was started that the company was owned by Satanists. (Friedman). If a product manufactured by a firm turns out to be defective or dangerous, the public relations department often has to act and find a way to convince the public that this was a sincere mistake and not due to corporate greed or inefficiency. Direct marketing is when the company does not go through retailers and sell directly to the buyer. A lot of places will do this such as, Ace diet pills, they are sold either straight from their beset or by their consultant in your area.

The message of the Nab commercials is to provide a learning device that kids will love, and it will grow with them. The total image of the advertisement is that this device will provide so much fun for kids while they are learning with their favorite TV shows. These things are very important to most parents and makes them want to buy it for their child. I believe that the marketing mix is doing great. I would promote this product in the same way, because they advertising to children, therefore they will tell their parents hey want it.

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