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How to lose weight painlessly Intro: Nowadays, dieting becomes fashionable. More and more people are eager to go on a diet, however, they suffer a lot from dieting. Some of them might have physical illness. What’s worse, extreme dieting even can lead to dying. This article will demonstrate the damage to the body caused by dieting and introduce the ways to lose weight painlessly. Body: In order to lose weight, many people choose to diet, yet it will lead to the physical harm to them, such as digestive diseases, anorexia, the decline of brain’s function, etc. In some case, it will lead to die.

According to the Auk’s Daily Mail, a professor of Harvard University found that dieting can make the brain get stuck so that the brain have no time to ponder over and calculate. [1] The professor explained in the report that because dieter thinks more about the calorie and the reason why they eat food after meals. In the process, they do not have time to think deeply about other thing. Furthermore, the function of their brain is influenced including logical thinking ability, the ability to solve problems and the ability receiving the news. Otherwise, it takes plenty of energy to build and operate the human brain.

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Without enough nutrition, the cells of brain will be damaged so that the memory and the intelligence will be declined. That is to say, dieting may let dieters become a foolish little by little. Apart from the damage to the brain causing by dieting, dieting can cause the function of digestion declined, in the end dieters might have anorexia, which is a disease can lead to death. According to the report on BBC Chinese newspaper, a 19- year-old man in Nanjing died of anorexia on Monday, Modern Express reported. The man was a college student who was diagnosed with anorexia two years ago. Although he was more than 1. Meters tall, the student weighed only 30 keg after becoming ill. Gangs mother said he kept looking at himself in the mirror, and always weighed himself after eating. [2] At the first stage of dieting, dieters might be disturbed by digestive disorders. Little by little, they will be resistant to the food and once they eat food, they will spit it out, which causes the psychological, endocrine and genealogical problems. Although the symptoms can be corrected if the patient is diagnosed and treated in time, about 10-15 percent of anorexia nervous patients die, usually after losing at least half their normal body weight. 3] As a consequence, dieting needs temperateness. Losing weight improperly can only turn chasing beauty into harming ourselves. Now that excessive dieting do harm to body, in which way can we lose weight without destroying ourselves? Actually, losing weight does not necessarily mean dieters need to suffer a lot. One easy way is to drink milk every day. Recently, report shows that milk is an effective food to control weight. [4] DRP. Michael B. Camel from University of Tennessee did an experiment, in which he let some American patients who have high load pressure drink milk every day.

As a consequence, their blood pressure was modified. What’s more important, their weight declined by 11 pounds in the end. It is because the enriched calcium in the milk can reject the producing and accumulating of fat. Canadian Quebec Family Institute referred that, when body content of calcium goes down, our body will secrete a kind of hormone called “Clitoral”, which can promote fat to save in our body. [5] It means once body intakes enough calcium, the fat is not easy to remain. And it is no doubt that milk is the best source of calcium.

So adding milk into your diet is a both clever and effective way to be thin. Perhaps, you never think of that sleeping regularly is benefit for dieting. A study published October 5 in the Annals of Internal Medicine has revealed that cutting back on sleep reduces the benefits of dieting. [6] The participants in the study were placed on an individualized, balanced diet, with calories restricted to 90 percent of what each person needed to maintain his or her weight without exercise. As a result, in the situation that all other factors being equal, the dieters who slept 8. 5 hours a day lost 3. Mounds of fat and 3. 3 pounds of fat-free body mass (mostly protein). While those in these 14 days sleeping 5. 5 hours a day lost an average of 1. 3 pounds of fat and 5. 3 pounds of fat-free mass. In other words, guaranteeing enough sleeping time can make you thin unconsciously. Therefore, if you do not want to control your eating to lose weight, Just proper sleep will make you slim. Summary: Dieting to lose weight not only makes the process of losing weight painful but harms physical health. On one hand, excessive dieting is harmful to brain’s cell along with the declining of memory and intelligence.

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