Marketing Mang KOtler test bank ch cosumer Assignment

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Culture is the most fundamental determinant of a person’s wants and behavior. True (moderate) p. 112 3. Social classes are relatively heterogeneous and enduring divisions in a society. False (difficult) p. 113 4. If you reject the values of a particular group, it is considered a dissociation group. True (moderate) p. 113 5.

Religious, professional, and trade union groups are types of secondary reference groups. True (moderate) p. 113 6. Of the major factors influencing buying behavior, your family will exert the broadest and deepest influence. True (moderate) up. 114-115 7. Family members constitute the most influential primary reference group. True (easy) up. 114-115 8. An opinion leader is a person who offers informal advice or information about some product category. True (easy) p. 114 9. The value of the social class concept to marketers is that members of a given class tend to share similar values, interests, and behavior.

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Usually people from the same subculture, social class, and/or occupation have essentially the same lifestyle. False (moderate) p. 116 1 1 . The buyer’s age and occupation are considered personal factors that may affect buying decisions. True (easy) up. 115-116 12. Because human needs are universal, status symbols are the same worldwide. False (moderate) p. 117 13. VAL’S 2 is designed to reveal why people believe and act as they do, specifically their consumer behavior. True (moderate) p. 116 traditional people who favor familiar products and established brands. False (moderate) p. 16 15. Perception involves selecting, organizing, and interpreting information inputs to create a meaningful picture of the world. True (moderate) p. 118 16. Most human behavior is learned. True (easy) p. 119 17. The buying decision process will involve the same stages regardless of whether the purchase reflects high or low involvement. False (moderate) p. 120 18. If in order to buy a computer, James visited several electronic stores, read magazine reviews, and talked to several friends, he would have exhibited high involvement in the consumer decision process.

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