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A) a religion B) a group of close friends C) your university D) a fraternity or sorority E) your occupation The relatively homogeneous and enduring divisions in a society, which are archaically ordered and whose members share similar values, interests, and behavior constitute B) a subculture C) a social class . A) a culture D) a family E) a group A person’s consist(s) of all the groups that have a direct (face-to-face) or indirect influence on his/her attitudes or behavior.

A) subculture B) family C) social class D) reference groups E) social networks A(n) group is one whose values or behavior an individual rejects. A) aspiration’s B) dissociation C) membership D) primary E) procreation Joe is a computer service technician. People in his neighborhood usually depend on is suggestions for purchasing any computer accessory or hardware, as they believe that he has access to far more information on computer technology than the average consumer. The neighbors are also aware that Joe has the required knowledge and background for understanding the technical properties of the products.

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Within this context, Joe can be called a(n) . A) transactional leader B) opinion leader C) role model D) gate-keeper E) international marketer For a high-school student, Tim is highly concerned about environmental issues. He is a strong supporter of the garbage recycling and forestation campaigns taken up by he environmental activists in his neighborhood. He wants to become a full time volunteer for their upcoming wildlife protection program and has even saved money to contribute to the cause.

This group of environmental activists can be categorized under which of the following reference groups? A) primary group B) secondary group C) aspiration’s group D) dissociation group E) cognitive group Jason writes a weekly column in his school’s newspaper about movies he has seen, books he has read, and concerts he has attended. His column provides information and opinions. Feedback from his fellow students is positive, and they are appreciative f the advice that is given.

Which of the following would be the most apt description of the role played by Jason? A) silent majority B) protestor C) protector D) adapter E) opinion leader Social classes differ in media preferences, with upper-class consumers often preferring B) radio and lower-class consumers often preferring television. A) movies C) video or computer games D) magazines and books E) music downloads If a direct-mail marketer wished to direct promotional efforts toward the family of efforts need to be directed toward parents and siblings of the family members.

A) orientation B) procreation C) immediacy D) intimacy E) reference The family in a buyers life consisting of parents and siblings is the of procreation B) family of influence C) family of efficiency D) family of orientation E) purchasing family . A) family When Gary was a high school student, he enjoyed rock music and regularly purchased hip clothing sported by his favorite rock band. However, five years later, when Gary became an accountant, his preference shifted toward formal clothing.

Which of the following personal characteristics is likely to have had the most influence on Agar’s preferences during his high school days? A) education B) age C) income D) gender E) physiological needs Marriage, childbirth, and divorce constitute the pattern of individuals. A) psychological life cycle B) product life cycle C) social status D) post puberty cycles E) critical life events that shape the consumption Identify an economic circumstance that can greatly affect any product or brand choice.

A) retirement B) values C) lifestyle D) borrowing power E) relocation refers to a set of distinguishing human psychological traits that lead to relatively consistent and enduring responses to environmental stimuli. A) Image B) Personality C) Psychological transformation D) Lifestyle E) Acculturation Brand personality analysts identified the popular music channel MAT as daring, spirited, and highly imaginative. As per Jennifer Shaker’s research, which of the following brand personality traits best suits MAT?

A) excitement B) sincerity C) competence D) ruggedness E) sophistication The Marlboro Man was depicted in the advertisements of Marlboro cigarettes as a rugged outdoor, tough cowboy type. This was done to establish what is called A) trademark B) a brand name C) a brand personality D) co-branding E) a brand reference Consumers often choose and use brands that have a brand personality consistent tit how they see themselves, also known as the B) ideal self-concept C) others’ self-concept D) prohibitive self-concept E) suggestive self-concept .

A) actual self-concept with how they think others view them, also known as the concept B) others’ self-concept C) ideal self-concept D) dual self-concept E) perceptual self-concept . A) actual self- Consumers who are highly sensitive to how others see them and who choose brands whose personalities fit the consumption situation are called agents B) self motivators C) self monitors D) self adapters E) opinion leaders Bottom of Form . A) change

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