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This model suggests that SIX elements should be utilized In creating ads: 1 . The product’s attributes 2. Consumer benefits. 3. Leverage points. 4. Tastiness 5. Personal values. 6. The execution framework 9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of fear appeals in advertising? Advertisements featuring fear appeals are commonplace and are more willing to work. Some of the benefits are: It Increases viewer interest In an advertisement and the ad’s persuasiveness. Many individuals remember commercials with fear appeals better than they do warm, upbeat messages.

Consumers pay more attention to ads sing fear and are more likely to process the Information It presents, which makes It possible to accomplish the advertisement’s main objective. The disadvantages are that fear appeals may not be appropriate for all products and that too high of a level of fear may be detrimental. 12. When are sexual appeals most likely to succeed? To fail? Sexual appeals are often used to break through clutter and are more likely to succeed when an advertisement features a male and female In a sexually provocative setting and it is related to the advertised product.

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Sex and nudity increase attention, sugarless of the gender of the person in the advertisement or the gender of the audience. The attention will be greater for opposite-sex situations than same-sex situations. Sexually oriented ads that create physiological arousal responses In the viewers tend to be more effective. Sexual appeals often fail when they are too overtly sexual and are seen as offensive by different groups of people. Chapter 7 9. What types of testimonials can advertisers use?

Give an example of each The types of testimonials are based on the product, service and the company Itself. In the equines-to-business and service sectors a customer relating a positive experience with a product offers a testimonial. Testimonials from current customers add credibility to the claims. For example APPLECART, a global organization with wide experience In the certification Industry, use testimonials of companies that have tried their solutions with great results. About a company more than they believe what a company says about itself.

Testimonials offer greater credibility than self-proclamations. For example different universities use testimonial of current students who describe their experiences or radiated students working for well-known companies. Testimonials offer an effective method for promoting services. Services are intangible; they cannot be seen or touched, and consumers cannot examine them before making decisions. A testimony from a current customer provides a succinct description of the benefits or attributes of the service.

For example Banks use testimonials to promote their banking services. 13. List the key criteria used when selecting a spokesperson? Most account executives and companies consider several characteristics while selecting a spokesperson. The main characteristics are: Attractiveness Similarity Trustworthiness Expertise Credibility Attractiveness, likeability, trustworthiness, and expertise together form credibility. The effectiveness of an advertisement that utilizes a spokesperson depends on the degree to which the person has one or more of the characteristics listed. 5. What issues are present when adapting an advertising program to an international audience? When adapting an advertising program to an international audience, it is important to make sure the message strategy and form of execution framework match the tendencies and preferences in a region. Marketers should be aware that comparison advertisements are less common in other countries, due to both social and cultural differences, as well as legal restrictions. The message strategy chosen affects the execution.

Other patterns and changes in preferred forms of executions can be discovered by watching local media and reading about trends in magazines and trade Journals in the country involved. It is important to consider that while maintaining an overall message and idea, the advertiser adjusts to social customs present in a region. Customers to ask friends, relatives, or coworkers. A testimonial advertisement simulates t his type of word-of-mouth recommendation. Testimonials can enhance company credibility.

Endorsers and famous individuals do not always have high levels of credibility, because consumers know they are being paid for their endorsements. The same holds true for paid actors who look like everyday con- summers. The most believable testimonies are from everyday people, actual customers. Retailer Stein Mart featured real customers talking about their favorite merchandise in a recent TV campaign. The cuss-tamers were recruited through the company’s Faceable page. The TV spots encouraged customers to create videos about their favor-tie merchandise at Stein Mart and upload them to the Web site.

The goals were to reach a younger target market, women between 35 and 55, and to create an online community of avid customers who found something they love at stem Mart. 15 Sexual themes in ads, however, do not always work. Sex no longer has shock value. Today’s teens grow up in societies immersed in sex. One more sexually-oriented ad captures little attention. Currently, many advertisers prefer more subtle sexual cues, suggestions, and innuendos. The MECCA’S approach moves consumers through the six elements.

The attributes of the prod-cut are linked to the specific benefits consumers can derive. These benefits, in turn, lead to the attainment of a personal value. Using the elements in Figure 6. 2 and the milk advertisement shown in this section, the product attribute calcium connects to the benefits of being strong and healthy. The personal value the consumer obtains from healthy bones may be feeling wise for using the product. The leverage point in the advertisement arises from the connection between the benefit of health and the personal value of feeling wise.

The white mustache and the text in the advert-testament remind the viewer of the healthy aspects of drinking milk. In this case, preventing osteoporosis in women becomes the key selling point. The MECCA’S approach can be applied to buss-news-to-business advertisements. Members of the buying center may be influenced by personal values, organizational values, and corporate goals. In the advertisement for Greenfield Online on the next page and the means-end chain in Figure 6. 3, each Atari-butte leads to the benefits business customers can obtain. Although not explicitly stated, the persona Many common

The major challenge is to make sure that the message strategy and form of execution framework match the tendencies and preferences in a region. Comparison ads are less common in other countries. This is due to both social and cultural differences as well as legal restrictions. Other patterns and changes in preferred forms of executions can be discovered by watching local media and reading about trends in magazines and trade Journals in the country involved. While maintaining an overall message and idea, the advertiser must adjust to social customs present in a region.

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