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The target market for ultra Is the budget-conscious customer segment while Fresh Is targeted towards younger, upwardly mobile professionals. Design specific communication tools for each of the products (I. E. , for ultra and Fresh) with regard to the following: 1 . Message strategy: What specific themes or ideas will you adopt for Ultra and Fresh – keeping in mind the respective target demographic types? 2. Creative strategy: What kind of appeal – Informational or transformational – will work best for each brand? Please explain. Message Strategy is the first step in creating an effective advertising message.

It provides the foundation for the rest of the advertising campaign. According to Kettle the first step of developing a message strategy is “identifying customer benefits that can be used as advertising appeals” (Kettle 363). From past chapters and lectures we have learned that customers buy products based on their perceived value and benefits they offer rather than for the product In and of itself. An advertisement’s success Is rooted In its ability to communicate the products benefits and value to particular customers. The next step of message strategy outlined in Kettle is the development of a creative incept.

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This is defined as “the compelling big idea that will bring the advertising message strategy to life In a distinctive and memorable way” (Kettle 363). This may manifest Itself as a phrase, a visualization, or both. Finally, the creative concept will provide guidelines for the construction of advertising appeals. These advertising appeals should have three characteristics: they should be meaningful, point out benefits that makes the product more desirable. They should be believable and thirdly they should be distinctive, meaning they should tell how the product Is better than the competitor (Kettle 363).

The hit television series Mad Men features a scene In which one of the mall characters Don Draper makes a advertisement sales pitch that illustrates the important qualities in a message strategy (unfortunately the embedded feature on this youth video is disabled, sorry for the inconvenience): http://www. youth. Com/watch? V=by-Desk’s Don Draper Illustrates the proposed message strategy for a lipstick. He does so by to mark a woman’s territory, her man. The creative concept manifests itself in the form of the phrase “Mark Your Man”. The advertising proposal is meaningful, believable, and distinctive. Relationship Marketing – the view that a single transaction is too narrow a definition of our relationship with a customer, and that we need to understand the value of our customers across multiple transactions and know which of them are most important to us overall. Our customers are getting better at this, understanding that there is not an infinite supply of new customers and retention deserves attention. This insight leads to the next of Jostler’s issues; 2. Lifetime Value – measure the value of a customer over multiple transactions, in fact over the lifetime of their relationship with you.

Many organizations still struggle with this. The need for quarterly results focuses the mind of many customers on what I call the ‘disembodied sale’, thinking that sales exist independently of customers that you want relationships with and whose value you can measure over time. 3. Customer Share – as opposed to market share. Is there a market without customers? 4. Target Marketing – sell to all of your chosen customers since selling to all customers is not realistic. 5. Individualizing – treat different customers differently. Don Peppers said this first I think, in 1993. 6.

Customer Databases – data about customers rather / in addition to data about sales. The enabler of modern marketing, most customers are working on this, some have it under control but they are in the minority. 7. Integrated marketing communications – there are so many channels for customers to choose from, it is important to balance and integrate your usage to match theirs. We agree. 8. Channels as partners – everyone who represents your product to customers is a partner, not a passive channel. 9. Every employee a marketer – your brand is the sum total of all customer interactions. Net Promoter

Score (NAPS) is a new and useful tool to measure how well you are doing with customers and employees at achieving this virtuous circle of customer and employee advocacy. 10. Model-based decision making – more commonly called data driven marketing. Our solid believe is that you should not guess when you can know 3. Message Source: What kind of spokespeople will you choose for each of the products? Please bear in mind the demographics of the target area. 4. Discuss how you can use experiential marketing tools for the brands (especially for Fresh). What tools will you use to measure outcomes from such events?

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