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The JIM interpretation does not only cover the identification of the needs of the customers, but also the satisfaction of those needs and anticipating them in a future. The interpretation stands out the importance of the marketing process in any company including the outcomes and also the marketing objectives of any hotel. The Chartered Institute of Marketing (JIM). Accessed 2012. There would be a limitation in the creation of products or services in the tourism sector if the opinions of the customers would be the only what it would count for a business plan.

But it would be a tremendous boom profit for each company if they not only satisfy the needs of the customers by listening to their ideas or surveys, and trying to make that new product how they requested, but also to make something new that the customer did not think that it would be possible. The two facts in one product would be the best to offer in the travel and tourism sector. Kaki Marital one of the originators of the Sony Corp.. Said: “Our plan is to lead the public with new reduces rather than ask them what kind of products they want. The public does not know what is possible, but we do. ” wry. Entrepreneur. O be the best, because maybe by creating a new product or service without considering the needs of the customers would not be as successful as giving them what they want. But on the other hand it would be a good idea to create this new product as the best, brand new and revolutionary item that everyone have to buy and on this way creating the need on the customers of buying this product or service. A perfect example would be the mobiles, now is not even necessary to buy a camera, because people have a super camera with their Smartness, and not only camera, also games, internet, video camera, chat programs and plenty of many more stuffs.

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In this way the companies can not only anticipate the needs of the people but also to lead people’s needs, making them buy the company’s products, the same happens in the tourism sector, for example, with the new spa services. Now business people is not just going to the hotel where they can sleep, have breakfast and go. They are looking for a good innovating spa with a good line of creams and massages products where they can go after a hard day of work. 5 Where are we now?

My place of work is a Park Inn four stars business hotel with 210 rooms and with 10 meeting rooms close to the Zurich airport; where the communication and the team working are used daily. Considering that the expectations of the clients are always very high no matter if it is only a four stars hotel and not a five or a great luxury one, our best tool to keep our customers satisfied is the good communication in between workers and different departments to satisfy the needs of the customers, expectations or any special wishes of our regularly guests.

For example we have a VII who comes to our hotel very week, and he always wanted to have a Ensnare machine in his room, we did buy an extra coffee machine Just for him to show him that we do care of our customers. Average of occupancy in our hotel= 80% – 90% / a year. Http://www. Parking. Com/reportorial-Zurich 6 The saying: “The guest is the king” is totally right they are who are bringing the money into the hotel and they are above any other in the hotel. In our hotel there is also an improving quality program which is called miss I Can! Every single new worker after their trial period has to do this small one day course, as he same “slogan” says it, the objective of the mini course is to make the workers conscious that nothing is impossible when it is to do with customer satisfaction. This course has to do also with empowering, after this course the managers are empowering the worker to even cut off an amount of money of an unsatisfied is done with the purpose of recognizing a “maybe mistake” or that something went wrong on the eyes of the customers, and then try to make them satisfied.

Obviously any rebates or discounts done, have to be consolidated with a good reason. A clear example of anticipating to future customer needs in our hotel was the instruction of “The business corner”. “The Business corner” was created for the customers who wanted to have free internet connection to do something important, like to check their emails or to print out boarding passes, we did not Just satisfied a need of the customers with this tool but also we got to save some time to our reception team because they don’t have to do those tasks assigned by the necessities of the customers anymore.

Another example for “identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements/needs profitably’ in my hotel is an idea from the Sales & Marketing department, which is to eave holidaymakers groups on the weekends, giving them a special bed & breakfast deal (some of them also with dinner, if enquired) and with bellboy service (even we didn’t really had one, but normally they are older people, and therefore the agencies are enquiring this service) for a kind of package price, on this way the hotel is satisfying the needs of the guests, attracting more customers to our hotel and at the same time making a good profit out of it, it is necessary to remember that normally the hotel was not busy on the weekends because it is a business hotel. PEST factors: It should be a priority to study the market environment before starting the marketing process. The marketing environment is divided in three main parts: 1. The internal environment which it would be staff, finance and wages. 2. The marketing micro-environment which it would be the customers, agents and providers and obviously the competitors. 3. The marketing macro-environment which it would be the Politic, Economy, Coloratura, and Technology segments. The four mentioned before are known as the PEST. Let us explain generally about each of them and then we will be able to speak directly about the Hotel case. 7

Political Factors: The politic decisions and the politic in general have lots of repercussion in the businesses and with the market. The points that should be considered are: *Government agreement trades as the NONFAT or SEAN etc. *The repercussion of the government with laws that might regulate taxes or fees on the business and also the government policy, ethic, culture and also religion in Economic Factors: This is another important point to be consider because of the economy trades and even more if the market is going to be in a global way, like for example the exchange and interest rates (banking also), the inflation and so on. Coloratura Factors: This factor is variable depending of the country or even in some cases like in India the city.

The points to be considered are the kind of religion, it would be also very important the assimilation and reaction of the citizens to odds the foreign labels in their countries and the way of thinking of the people like for example, “green thinking” or another good example would be the way of thinking to odds the women, as “slaves”, or some Arabic countries were the women must stay all the time at home with the children, etc. After slightly mentioning about the coloratura, we have to mention the subject of Ethics. The tourist development when is conducted on a sustainability and responsible way, could get to be the engine of change that praise a populations to a desirable level of welfare for the communion of the society. In this relationship of Tourism and development, the marketing can play a very important role. However, for it to be like this, the Tourism cannot be conducted without regard of ethics considerations.

In the academic ambit some authors has considered the tourist marketing phenomenon, but only a few authors have related it with concepts like: ethic, sustainability and responsibility. In the business ambit, many people ask their selves how many companies has pretend to use the ethical principles instead of making a real ethical compromise. Let us get more involved in this subject, the communication starts by checking and analyzing all the most usual critics made to the marketing in tourist companies. Nevertheless concentrating on the importance of the respect to odds ethical principles or to the responsibility of the companies, so later they would be able to define the concrete initiatives that seek to achieve ethical management of tourism companies.

In conclusion we would be able to point out that we are in a sector where it is recognized that it is necessary to work with sustainability, responsibility and always considering the ethical principles. On the other hand it is necessary to create a space, an environment, of trust and responsibility in the companies, so the workers try honestly to reach the maximum benefits for the effort made by them, a responsible environment would bring the workers to worry about getting to know the needs of the customers and so they get to know the different ways of communication to impact and persuade. But without heating, or hiding. In the future the wealthy companies are not going to be Just the ones who are giving value to their owners or shareholders, but also them who give value to their customers and to the society.

Dishonesty or misinformation could be a big issue of tourist companies, a clear example was one month ago in our hotel they were making some restorations in the garage and the way from the garage to the hotel building was completely close, obligating the customers to walk up the ramp where they drove in with their cars, considering that on some days the weather was not good, it was a bad point not inform the customers about this and also about the noise provoked by the restoration workers. Marketing De destines terrorists: anГlists y strategies De decontrols Big et al – Editorial Sic Page 494 – 497 8 Technological Factors: The technology is indispensable for the ambitious market of today and it is also an instrument of globalization, no matter which kind of market we are talking about.

Technology is the key for the companies to produce better innovative and qualified products with better prices, and nevertheless technology gives the companies different ways of communications with their dealers, contacts or even with other companies. Http://www. Neurotransmitter. Com/lesson-store/lesson-pest. HTML It would be necessary to go straight to the point environmental problems: In the Tourism segment a main aspect is the collaboration with the natural ambiance, this word have to do with the place where tourists planned to go and spend their free time, and it could be in a chalet, forest, city, country house, landscape, and village and so on. On many cases the environment is even the attraction of the tourists to the area, like for example in South Africa with their famous safaris.

On the year 009-2010 the tourism made increase their economy a 7, 9 % and in 2011 the international visitors increased to 9, 7 % only in the first few months of the year. Http://www. Greengages. Co. AZ/growing-responsible-tourism/ Tourism has Pros and Cons implications in the environment. *Some positives aspects are: The government is giving more interest to care even more of the environment on those tourist areas. The citizens and the government want to maintain some antiquity architectural construction, natural sceneries etc. , so the tourists continue visiting the areas and the locals can make a good profit out of it. This profit is also used by the politics (Taxes) to make restorations of the different areas. Some negatives impacts are: -Inconsistent of gray waters. -Contamination from the tourism transports. -Waters shortage and the devastation of the habitat. Rowe et al (MOM 5-22). Three of many factors that are affecting the hotel where I work are: The political, the coloratura and the economic factors. Political because our hotel is close by the Z;rich Airport, this means that we are not talking about a leisure hotel (maybe only on weekends as mentioned), where guests are coming and staying for a week or two. Our customers are staying only for one, two or maximum three days. I would say that our occupancy depends 80 % on our location near by the airport.

And here is the point of the political influence: For example on the month of September 2012, the Lufthansa workers had an increase of taxes and a reduction of wage, because the company wants to decrease the flight prices and like this try to get more customers to make more competition with the low cost airlines, but this who wanted to flight on the ground. When this happened the hotel was the whole month fully booked with Layovers (as we call then, this term is related to the people ho are not flying because of strikes, demonstrations, weather, etc. ). Http://licorice. Pee/actuality/1464963/noticing- Lufthansa NSA-ca nonce-scientist-ovules- Helga-personal Coloratura would be because of the 20 % of our customers, which are from Arabic, Asian and Africans countries, and they come in big groups must of them on weekends, they Just want to explore the beauties, the chocolates, the Swiss Guarantee, the expensive worldwide labels and shops that are in the city.

Those stuffs that they don’t have in their culture, in their countries, it could be because of a Elliot or a cultural matter. And last but not least the economic factor: 9 As it can be appreciated on the image the tourism is moving massive amounts of money. Income distribution, consumerism, discretionary income, fashion, trends, saving rate, etc. In my working place and in general in the tourism we would be able to apply the same as on the image, because when the customers are traveling are making kind of an economic cycle, going shopping, bringing another currency, paying taxes, in the special case of Zurich people is coming to bring their money into our banking system and etc.

Tourism Principles Practices Philosophies – Eleventh Edition by Charles Golden & Brent Ritchie – Part 4 Chapter 14 Page 394396 On the other hand considering the pricing in other hotels in the world, we are charging a really high price for a night and also for our products on sale in our installations, this has to do more with our city, the high Swiss quality and the level of life. We are the most expensive city in Europe and the most expensive in the whole world. Http://www. Telegraph. Co. UK/finance/personalization/expect-money/9092994/Zurich-is- worlds-most-expensive-city. HTML C* Market Segmentation Market segmentation is a process which consists in dividing the total market of a product or service in “small” groups.

The main point of the market segmentation is to get to know the market and the customers groups which are going to be in the tourism of a determinate place thereby get to know what kind of services or products are going to be offer in the business. In the tourism industry is necessary to use this tool because of the massive competition that there is in this sector. 10 The segmentation is also a big effort to improve the marketing precision of the ours because it is a process where groups are going to be made and organized by their similar necessities or wishes, for example CEO-Tourism, Wellness, Spa, Business, Beach Holidays and so on. Http://or. IOW. Deed. AU/CGI/vivisection. CGI? Article-??1597&context=commpapers A good segmentation should have groups or segments with the following characteristics: The customers of a same group must to have similar sympathies in regarding to the variable Marketing Mix and the dimensions of the segmentation. The customers of different groups must to be very different to each other in the there groups regarding to variables of the Marketing Mix. The groups must have plenty of customers inside so they can guarantee the profitability of the segment. The marketers have to be operational trained so they can identify the customers, their needs and then choose the perfect variables of the Marketing Mix noticing the demographic dimensions so they can make the right decisions referring to the place and the promotion. The segments can be made in many different kind of variables.

The diagram above shows the most used kind of diagram for segmentation and it is called Pie Chart, here the groups have normally names, numbers, and per cents and so on. Http://www. Neurotransmitter. Com/lesson-store/lesson-segmentation. HTML 11 In the tourism market the following segments may be involved: ; Universal trade tourism Holiday by age Free times activities Holiday and breaks pre-family Leisure or business Sex holidays Marital status Income (Socio-economic grouping Group holidays http://www. Insights. Org. UK/articulated. Asps? Title=Segmenting 20thotourismrkmarketbout the hotel where I work, the market is segmented in: Holiday groups. Every ay but more on the weekends we have people from different countries-must of then Indians, Chinese and Arabians.

Cultural attraction- who are making a European tour and they stop in our hotel for maximum two days or even Just one, with the purpose of visiting the city. Business people. By being close to the airport and only ten minutes by train away from the city. Many business people find the hotel great to stay in, because they are close by everything what they need. Airline and airport workers. Obviously the location is perfect for these customers. Layovers. People who stays at the hotel because it is close by the airport or because heir flight was cancelled or delayed. Knowing that this is the market segmentation of our hotel, it would be good to focus on this four kinds of customers, by giving them what they need and want, (This could make part of the second part “Where do we want to be? ) for example for the holiday groups it would be good to make a 12 Special contract with a Swiss trips agency, so we could offer those trips to our customers for a special price or give them a hot deal of pay two adults one child for free and so on. For the business people it would be good to rent the meeting rooms nd addNDnclusive in the price some kind of a coffee break, and also offer free pens and papers to make notes during the meetings with the logo of the hotel on it. For the airline workers it would be good to create a small “Crew Room” where they can go there and chill, with a small kitchen where they can cook for their selves. And for the Layovers it would be good to offer them a take away breakfast package (also with the hotel logo), because normally they leave our hotel really early and breakfast time is starting at 6:00.

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