Marketing In Hospitality Assignment

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Waterman (1992) states that marketing is the social and management process which as individual groups obtain what they need and Want through producing and exchanging products or services and values with others. 1. 1 Concepts of Marketing Marketing can also be defined as the ‘raisin d’tree’ of any business as it allows the coexistence of two key but distinct elements that permits the existence of any business. This can be narrowed down to the satisfaction of the needs and demands of the customer and the profitability of the business.

In regards to the two processes, marketing becomes more important as one department thinks and carries out the processes through an organization. Although it is thought and delivered by one department, it takes the work and partnership of the entire organization to accomplish it. A product concept of the Hilton is to promote the hospitality chain of luxury hotels or property operation which implements with product or services of the company, also to sell the brand image within the competition.

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This process promotes a series of activities that are related to promotions, making strategies, broadcasting, inline promotion and excellent customer services. They are highly reasonably priced which expands production and giving out. Marketing concept is where business or merchandise concentrates on the needs and want of the target market, delivering satisfaction to their consumers better than their competitors. Societal marketing concept is the decision that a merchandiser makes after considering the consumer needs and requirements of the business which will be beneficial to them.

This also includes most of the long term interests of the society, but is equal factor. 1. 2 Marketing Environment There are two factors that make up the marketing environment. These are macro and micro. Non-impact forces on the organization make up the macro environment. Although they do not have an impact on the organization they have power over the business of the organization. The micro environment IS made up on elements such as the competitors and the customers which have an impact on the organization.

Competitors; there is high competition in the hospitality industry. This can be seen as a risk because you can lose out on profit and copying other industries can lead you down the wrong path. In order for a hospitality industry not to fail you need to ensure that you have a good business plan to face the competitors. There are five categories in which these forces go into; Economy; this IS where the hospitality industry can be affected by the disposable income, the inflation rate, growth, or recession.

Politics/legal; this is the rules and regulations in society. This can be laws given by the government. For example, the ban of smoking in public places, gay couples are allowed to marry in the church, you have to pay tax. Economy; this is related to the environment and how the public should be environmentally roundly. This may include, recycling policies and solid waste. Technology; this is the development of technology. This can be seen in smartness or gadgets such as pads and playbooks.

The development in technology may allow people to download APS which can assist them in their everyday lives. For example, navigation APS, innumeracy APS for children etc. Society and culture; this is in relation to a person’s norms and values. This could be an individual’s lifestyle. For example how they eat, the culture they follow. 1. 2 Customers; the business can only go forward if the customer’s needs are et. You need to take into account social influences, personal situation and psychological influences.

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