Question on Hospitality and Tourism Marketing Assignment

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The THREE major methods of advertising pre-testing are: A. B. C. D. Recognition tests, recall tests, direct rating Recall tests, direct rating, laboratory tests Direct rating, portfolio tests, laboratory tests Recognition tests, recall tests, portfolio tests 5. Which of the following is a major advertising media? Newspapers Television Direct mail All of the above 6. Which of the following is NOT a major promotional tool? A. Advertising B. Sales promotion C. Promotion mix D. Public relations 7. In designing a message the marketing communicator must do all of the following EXCEPT: A. Design message content B. Design message structure C.

Design message format D. Design message feedback 8. All of the following statements are true, EXCEPT: A. Samples are offers of a trial amount of a product. B. Sampling by the employees can be a very useful educational and promotional device. C. Coupons are certificates that offer buyers savings when they purchase specified products. D. Sampling is the cheapest way to introduce a new product. 9. Are goods offered either free or at low cost as an incentive to buy a product. A. Samples B. Premiums C. Packages D. Coupons 10. Receive RIM off your next purchase of KEF value meal for redeeming this’ is an example of A. Upon B. Deals C. Premiums D. Rebates 1 1 . All of the following statements are true, EXCEPT: A. Point-of-purchase promotions include display and demonstrations that take place at the point of purchase sale. B. POP can be used to disseminate information about the company’s products or services. C. POP can be used to sell additional products and services. D. POP are cash or other awards for regular use of a company’s products or services. 12. Marketing is a situation where companies will offer to donate a certain mount of money to a specific cause out of consumer purchase. 3. A. Cause-related B. Internet C. Public D. Direct Marketing Public Relations can contribute to the following objectives, EXCEPT: A. Building awareness B. Stimulating the sales force and channel intermediaries C. Increasing promotion costs D. Building credibility 14. When evaluating Public Relations results, measure, if obtainable. A. Exposure B. Awareness change C. Sales-and-profit impact D. Comprehension change is the most satisfactory 15. Which of the following is NOT one of the major tools in marketing Public Relations? A. Publications B. Events C.

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Lobbying D. Identity media 16. Having company executives give talks at trade associations or sales meetings utilizes which public relations tool? A. Special events B. Speeches C. News D. Corporate identity materials 17. The aim of is to place newsworthy information into the news media to attract attention to a person, a product, or service. A. Corporate communications B. Counseling C. Press relations D. Lobbying 18. Which of the following are the steps of public relations process? A. Defining the target audience, establishing the market objectives, choosing the

PR message and vehicles, implementing the marketing PR plan, and evaluating PR results. B. Research, establishing the market objectives, defining the target audience, choosing the PR message and vehicles, implementing the marketing PR plan, and evaluating PR results. C. Establishing the market objectives, defining the target audience, research, choosing the PR message and vehicles, implementing the marketing PR plan, and evaluating PR results. D. Choosing the PR message and vehicles, implementing the marketing PR plan, research, establishing the market objectives, defining the target audience, and evaluating PR results. . In preparing public relations for a hotel WHICH of the following should be conducted the month before opening? 20. A. Launch publicity campaign to national media B. Hold press opening C. Conduct orientation press trips D. Hold a groundbreaking ceremony All of the following are Do’s in crisis communication, EXCEPT? A. Verify the identity of the caller B. Respond by saying “l don’t have that information yet. ” saying “no comment. ” D. Keep guests informed C. Respond by 21. A is a set of independent organizations involved in the process of making a product or service available to the consumer or business.

A. Broker B. Agent C. Reservation system D. Distribution channel 22. The buys from wholesalers and sells to smaller firms that are not served by large wholesalers. A. Tour operator B. Jobber C. Retailer D. Consumer 23. Which of the following is NOT a component of a hospitality and travel distribution system? 24. A. Consortia and reservation system B. Government tourist associations C. Specialists D. Advertising agencies assembles travel packages usually targeted at the leisure market. A. Travel agents B. Tour brokers C. Tour wholesalers D.

Junket reps is a group of hospitality organizations that is allied for the mutual 5. A(RL) benefit of the members. A. Consortium B. Global distribution system C. Apollo/Galileo D. SAXES 26. Are computerized reservation systems that serve as a product catalog for travel agents and other distributors of hospitality products. A. SIRS B. Tell C. Supranational D. Global distribution systems 27. A single firm which sets up two or more marketing channels to reach one or more customer segments is called A. Vertical B. Horizontal C. Multinational D. Corporate marketing distribution. 28. S a method of doing business by which a franchisee is granted the right o engage in offering, selling, or distributing goods or services under a marketing format which is designed by the franchiser. A. Alliance B. Administered VIM C. Franchising D. Corporate VIM 29. Which of the following is NOT a key distribution channel function? A. Information B. Promotion C. Customer satisfaction D. Contact 30. Which of the following is the MOST important to agencies when selecting a hotel? A. Room rates B. Ease of collecting commission C. Commission rate D. Reputation for honoring reservations PART B (40 Marks) Time: 80 minutes Answer ALL questions.

Use the answer booklet provided. . Discuss the FIVE (5) keys to be considered in advertising planning. (10 marks) 2. Identify FOUR (4) audience segments that must be considered in designing advertising. (2 marks) 3. Describe any FOUR (4) major media used in advertising. (4 marks) 4. State SIX (6) types of sales promotion. (3 marks) 5. Explain the general guidelines to build credibility and confidence during a sales presentation. (7 marks) 6. Identify EIGHT (8) factors that should be considered in evaluating a restaurant location. 7. Briefly discuss any FIVE (5) marketing intermediaries in the hotel business.

PART C Time: 40 minutes 1. Effective public relations is the result of a process. Some PR firms measure success by the number of articles placed in media. As in other marketing efforts, public relations should be meaningful to the target market. Discuss the public relations process and cite examples of tools used in marketing PR. (1 5 marks) 2. A) Discuss the THREE (3) categories of distribution strategies for hospitality products and services. (6 marks) b) An example of cooperation between companies is alliances. Suggest several points of caution for firm when considering alliances formation. (9 marks)