Marketing Goals and Objectives Assignment

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First was its firm adherence to a total customer satisfaction and second, the emphasis on a continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations. The company maintained, however, its leadership in the pre-painted roofing industry and is poised for stronger growth as it implements an expansion. In its other businesses and expects various expansion projects to boost profitability in the future. Jug’s new Color Coating Line will be the largest in the industry when it becomes operational in 2014.

CHIC serves the steel roofing requirements of end-users, developers, contractors, and dealers for residential, commercial building applications and government projects such as school buildings, military housing units, and helter relocation projects in Mindanao. Its secondary markets are facilities for the agribusiness sector such as cold storage, poultry structures and government projects for school buildings and public markets. The purpose of this marketing plan is to support the selected establishment in achieving their goals and objectives.

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Since LOGIC is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing applications for different places in the country, the team also want that CHIC Zamia Branch will perform same as with the other branches nationwide. Through this marketing plan, the establishment will be blew to pay attention on every small detail from the company’s outsourcing of materials up to the delivery of the finished products. CHIC Zamia Branch has only few current competitors and in that case, the team wanted to help UGH to grab the many opportunities through creating this marketing plan.

In here the selected goals and objectives plus strategies are well planned and are aligned with the mission and vision of the establishment itself. This will help CHIC Zamia Branch to fulfill their long term goal which is to be the only choice for roofing applications. COMPANY ANALYSIS Management) owned by Mr.. Ramona del Rosaries. It is a sister company Of Thru M. Florence. CHIC start their operation here in Zamia City in 2002. They choose to build their business in Brag.

Lam-an, Zamia City because the location is visible to the customer and to their prospect clients; it has a large area which they can easily operate the business like the delivery or transportation of their products. Union Galveston Corporation (UGH) is one of the pioneers in the manufacture of gallivanted sheets for roofing applications. Formerly, a division of Bacon Consolidated Industry, Inc. It has, since its start-up operation in 1 963, continuously grew and immersed as one of the pillars in the industry.

Its leading brand Union Galveston pre-painted coils and sheets and zinc-coated steel products for commercial and industrial application are the preferred choice of developers, architects, contractors and homeowners. Jug’s nationwide distribution network ensures shorter lead-time and prompt servicing of the customers. Products Stars Hi Rib Question Mark cash cows Repainted coils Preprinted steel sheets Vision and Mission GIG Sheets Light metal frames Dogs Curved roof Union Galveston Corporation has adopted manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction as the key element of its vision and mission.

The company pursue this by running Its business according to the highest ethical standards and good corporate governance, while at the same time responsive to the interests of its stakeholders, the consumers, stakeholders, its employees and the public in general. Corporate Philosophy Through the years, two principals have guided the company in its quest for leadership in the highly competitive industry. First, its firm adherence to a total customer satisfaction and second, the emphasis on a continuous improvement in all aspects of its operations.

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