Trinity College Marketing Objectives Assignment

Trinity College Marketing Objectives Assignment Words: 304

Marketing objectives Corporate level Long run (more than 5 years) Build a strong brand image internationally – by providing outstanding service and program and committed to excellence, community and diversity in any branch in the world. Continuously standardizing the variety and quality of the programs offered – so no matter which branch in the world, trinity’s uniqueness will be known Develop the financial resources necessary to achieve long term vision Medium (3 to 5 years)

Build regional connections and encourage the importance of international education Establish new world class residential buildings ??? residential buildings includes all study facilities (lecture theaters, libraries and etc), non- study facilities (such as sport and leisure), accommodation, conference and events locale (dining hall). Ensure that the all programs offered are in line with the Melbourne Model – the model is designed to align itself “with the best of European and Asian practice and North American traditions.

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Build a relationships with degree-awarding bodies by 2010 *Raise a three*-year total of A$15 million in ‘cash and pledge’ philanthropic income Short-run (3 years or less) Continue the excellent achievement of music and art around Asia- Trinity College in Melbourne is famous for music and art. If this credibility can be achieved, students will be less reluctant to take these majors. Since in the Asia region, music and arts are considered second-rate majors.

Incorporate TEXAS in Information Technology all around the world ??? Trinity’s Excellent Administration System (TEXAS) is synergetic software that encompasses student management for all of the College’s educational programs, as well all administration, financial and advancement function. This way, monitoring by the parent branch can be done smoothly. Provide up-to-date IT devices for all campuses ??? In this day and age, information technology is everything, students would not even imagine to enroll in campuses that still uses old computers and software’s.

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