Marketing Environment Assignment

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In recent years, the concept of ‘social responsibility’ has crept into the marketing literature as an alternative to marketing concept. ; The implication of socially responsible marketing is that business firms should take the lead in eliminating socially harmful products. As such social responsibility has become another legitimate pressure of the market place.

The social pressure develops as a consequence of the criticisms against marketing practices. Generally, criticism center round the following premises: ; Marketing system is not capable of eradicating poverty ; Disadvantaged and unrecognized consumers are exploited ; Creating products for personal satisfaction affects the interests of the society in general ; The proliferation of trivial products and services leads to wastage of non reprehensible scarce resources ; The goal of profit examination penetrates deeper into all activities of the firm rather than the social obligation.

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Social factors include the demographic and cultural aspects Of the external macro environment. These factors affect customers needs and the size of potential markets. For example ; Health consciousness ; Population growth rate ; Age distribution ; Career attitudes emphasis on safety ; Demographic aspects Louise G. POI has a very candidly opined that “The first environmental fact of interest to marketers is popup lotion because people make up market.

Marketers are keenly interested in the size of the oral’s population, its geographical distribution, density, mobility trends, age distribution, birth, marriage, and death rates, and racial, ethnic, and religious structure”. O Demographic data helps in preparing geographical marketing plans; household marketing plans, age and sex wise plans, etc. These plans may prove to be reliable in the short run. Lot is true that a marketer is capable of developing substantial control over a target market (group of consumers).

But he cannot have any control over the population characteristics, biz, age, income, marital status, occupation, education, etc. Moreover demographic structure is seldom static for long and changes in demographic composition often test the resiliency of a marketing firm. O Further these changes influence the behavior of consumers which, in turn, Will have a direct impact on the market place. Marketing firms will have to continuously measure the changes- quantitative as well as qualitative -?? that are taking place in the population structure. To avoid negative consequences brought on by active consumer groups a marketer must communicate with the consumers, anticipate problems, respond to complaints, and make sure that the firm operates properly. ; Socio cultural aspect socio cultural environment is another important component of the macro environment which includes culture, traditions, beliefs, value and lifestyles of the people in the given society. These elements decide to a large extent, what the people will consume and how they will buy. Culture is the combines result of factors like religion, language, education and upbringing. O There are also values and practices which constitute secondary cultural values. They are more vulnerable to change and can be molded and manipulated relatively more easily. Meaningful information on the consumption habit lifestyles and buying behaviors of the people can be obtained through a survey of socio cultural environment. Social class- it is basically determined by income, occupation, location of residence etc of its members.

Each class has its own standards in respect to lifestyle, behavior etc. They are known as class values or class norms changing position of women- the changing position of woman in the society is a case in point. In India the position of women especially in the growing middle class segment of the population is indeed changing fast. From the role of a simple housewife she is now being transformed into an educated employed member, sharing the responsibility of the home with the man.

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