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An example of this is in 1938 Ralph Chapman, owner of British Vitamin Products Company realized that many of his poorest customers needed a source of vitamin c that was affordable so he discovered a way to bottle fruit juices in glass bottles that stayed fresh without deeding the addition of preservatives, this meant the product was a quality product, what customers really needed and they could easily pick up because transportation of small glass bottles was easy and efficient.

This put the customer first because they sought out what a customer needed and how to get it to them, always putting the customer at the centre of attention and focusing on that. 2. Britain’s micro environment compromises of factors immediately surrounding the organizational borders, the company has some control of these factors as it is made of factors such s their own customers, suppliers, competitors and media. After recognizing the company’s leading brand appeal In 1971 the British Vitamin product Company formally changed its name to Britain making it more appealing to consumers.

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They went on to purchase competitors and are now the number 2 branded soft drinks business in the UK. Britain now supplies a wide range of products and now supply to a wide range of customers be it an individual purchasing one product from a vending machine to a leading supermarket purchasing all products to split between stores. The macro environment are larger factors which the company has little or no control over, these can be referred to as PEST, Political Economic Coloratura and Technological.

Examples of how these factors work are that during the summer if the weather is poor the company sales figures will suffer, or after new rules came into television advertising the company now use non television campaigns. Coloratura factors might go hand in hand with environmental and Britain rely heavily on sponsorship of healthy sporting activities or sporting celebrities for advertising and eating the message across to consumers. 3.

Market research and Information gathered are Important to a company like Brattle because Like many businesses they change their products to suit external trends or decide which route to go down when starting new advertising campaigns. The correct market research can Identify potential markets, it can also help the company meet customer requirements and it can create a wide range of satisfied customers through finding out their wants and needs and creates the correct marketing mix, I. E. He right product In the right place at the right time.

Marketing research also helps with Ideas on how to promote the product. 4. Britain might collect market research by doing secondary research using information that already exists or primary research from going out into the market and carrying out some sort of investigations. The primary research is categorized further into qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Qualitative research is the way that Information is gathered and can be Interpreted In a number of ways; his can be people’s views and opinions and cannot be quantified.

An example of a research process and can provide a great deal of information and are usually non statistical and based on customers opinions. Quantitative research is used to seek statistical information about the subject and require a larger amount of research and work. An example of quantitative research can be a postal survey, although these types of research are easier to ignore than telephone research the advantage is that it can cover a wider area and can be cost effective. 5.

The process of market segmentation is how a market is split into different categories for a certain product to get to the correct consumer or business. These can be categorized in many ways such as age, sex or even income in some circumstances. The benefits of segmentation Britain mean that they do not target the wrong type of customer with the wrong type of product. An example could be that sporting younger types of customers do not want to take carbonated drinks when participating in sports, so Britain have sponsored major sporting events such as Windblown with the non- carbonated drinks brand Robinsons.

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