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All these internal and external factors which is also known as micro- environment (internal) and macro-environment (external) needs to be considered by the marketers to be capable adding value to their services in order to maintain a long term profitable relationship with customers and marketing partners. If an organization plans their business activities according to the threats and opportunities that is aroused from the internal and external factors, it will be able to achieve a better results in their sets of objectives and goals. This relation between companies and its adaptability towards both internal and external environment is the companies’ success and survival link.

Marketing Business Environment A reason why marketing business environment helps the business Is that a company can be Influenced In many ways and In a lot of thing and that It Is Important that the businesses are aware and understands those factors that could affect the way the businesses operates. To make the most positive factors, it is important that firms or companies to understand the entire marketing business environment. There are several factors in a firm’s marketing environment and some of those factors can be controlled but some are uncontrollable by the firms. In order to get a better categories; 1 . Micro-Environment refers to the internal factors of a firm or companies 2. Macro-Environment refers to the external factors of a firm or companies Micro-Environment The internal factors play an important role to the firm as it could have a direct influence on the firm’s daily business.

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These factors are close to the firm and affect its daily basis and these factors are; * Employees * Customers * Suppliers * Competitors * Shareholders * Media / Public Employees Shareholders Media Competitors Suppliers Customers COMPANY Figure 1 – shows the relation between the company and its internal factors Macro Environment Generally, macro environment is made up of factors that are not close to the firm and affects the firm on a long term basis. These factors are uncontrollable and could be national or global measures which influence the decision making, strategies, and genuineness performance of many industries and groups. Macro environment is made easy to understand by analyzing them using PESTLE analysis which consist of; 1. Political Environment 2. Economical Environment 3. Socio-cultural Environment 4. Technological Environment 5. Ecological Environment 6.

Legal Environment PESTLE Analysis of Jollied Foods Corporation Pestle analysis is a framework that can be used to identify the organization’s external factors to understand how it influences the business. In general, it is used to build determine the strength of each factor. These factors are used to plan strategies and ivies a performance review which helps the organization creates a competitive advantage. INDUSTRY FIRMS Legal Economic Ecological Political Socio-cultural Technological Figure 2 – shows the relation of a firm and its external factors Introduction to Jollied Foods Corporation Jollied Foods Corporation, known distinctively by its red and yellow bumble bee mascot, operates a number of concept restaurants in the Philippines and beyond.

From its core business, a McDonald’s-like restaurant, Jollied has expanded into a pizza chain, fast food Chinese restaurants, bakeries, breakfast bars, and a tea house. Jollied is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines, operating a nationwide network of more than 750 stores. A dominant market leader in the Philippines, Jollied enjoys the lion’s share of the local market that is more than all the other multinational brands combined. The company has also embarked on an aggressive international expansion plan, and currently has 80 stores outside the Philippines-USA (26), Vietnam (32), Brunet (1 1), Jessed (7), Qatar, Hong Kong, and Kuwait.

Jollied Foods Corporation AFC) with its system-wide retail sales for 2010 were 70. 3 billion PH ($1. Billion USED), representing a 10. 2% increase over 2009. Net income was 3. 1 billion PH ($70. 6 million USED), which grew by 16. 3% over 2009 income. Political Factor Political factors includes government regulation and legal issues both formal and informal rules which includes things like taxes, labor policy, government’s economic policy, trade agreements, and tariffs which may influence they supply and demand chain. Brunet Tarantulas has a stable political environment due to its Malay Islamic Monarchy rule of law. These laws are taught to the core and emphasized by his assets the Sultan of Brunet Tarantulas.

Some political factors indicators in Brunet Tarantulas are: * A good foreign policy * A stable governing (monarchy) * Strong political decisions * Strong encouragement on entrepreneurship Most of these factors give a positive influence to Jolliness’s business sustainability. However, a strong encouragement by the government on entrepreneurship oppose a potential threat for the company as it may arise better minds and ideas of the youth because it a rivalry can motivate the owner to rethink its strategy and strive more efficiently. Economic Environment Economic environment involves the study of the economic in the country and also global economics as it gives a significant influence on how an organization operates its business and also how profitable they are.

This factor can affect all businesses and it represents the level of employment and unemployment, cost of raw materials, exchange rates, inflation rates, disposable income of consumers and also the economic situation of the country. Brunet Tarantulas has been stable in its economical environment. Efforts to diversify the economy of the country have also en made such as the Brunet Economic Development Plan “Wasn’t 2035”. This gives good advantages to businesses in Brunet such as Jollied. The stability of the economy ensures stability for businesses. In brief, socio cultural is they way of the people in the country. It refers to the culture of the society that an organization operates within.

An organization have to focus more on the social factor because a business could not survive without the society because the society influences the business attitudes, interest, strategies and opinions because they shape the need and wants that gives a direct impact on the agree of demand and supply. Jollied has to adapt to the way of the society in Brunet Tarantulas. Things such as the Chinese New Year, the Sultan’s birthday, Nuzzle AY-Quern, Mauled Nab, give good opportunities for the business. Promotions can be made such as discounts during fasting break in the Ramadan or catering services during Hair Ray Titillated in Seawall. In return, the company is more profitable as an increase of active customers during the seasonal celebrations. Technology refers to new inventions, researches, innovative products and services, lobar communication, technology asses, and development.

These technological factors can be used by businesses to obtain competitive benefits and could generate a better technological change. Most business maintains its position in the competition with the help of technological factors such as innovative technology. A simple example is the use of the internet; it has open up a wider and faster ways of communication. Jollied for instance has an online payment through debit or credit cards. This makes paying at the counter faster and decreases the number of people waiting in line. Customers are served much efficiently which gives a good attribute to the business. Ecological Environment Ecological factor is an important factor that influences businesses both in short term and long term.

It refers to the natural resources such as water, trees, oil, gas, coals, and minerals. This factor is important due to the increasing scarcity of these raw materials, carbon footprints mark set by the government, and pollution targets. Thus cost will increase affecting the profitable rate of businesses. For an instance, a common garbage truck actually helps a lot in disposing waste for businesses. This opens up a market to set up a business making profit from taking out the garbage of other businesses or even private properties. In short, Jollied as an example gets service is much effective in the long run as it saves the time consuming and cost it takes to clean up and clear its waste disposal.

All these efforts are made to avoid obstructing any law set by the government and in return maintaining the sustainability of the company. Legal Environment Legal environment simply refers to the law, rules and regulation of the country and these laws can change and limit on how businesses are run. It is important for the organization to operate in a legal way means and this limits on how the business operates. For an instance, the maximum hours a business can operate. For an instance, a permit is needed for a business to operate after 12:pm in Brunet Tarantulas. Also child labor laws that limits the working hours for a minor. If Jollied in this case, hires quite more minors, it may have to hire extra workers to cover the working hours during minors cannot legally work.

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