The International Marketing Variables That Affect Coca-Cola Assignment

The International Marketing Variables That Affect Coca-Cola Assignment Words: 646

KATHLEEN JOY L. BALLISTA BAS-MM 1 . What are the international marketing variable ( controllable and uncontrollable ) that affect coke ? Much was said in the first chapter about the necessity to take into account the global “environmental” factors. These factors are those so called “uncontrollable”, unlike the “controllable” factors of price, promotion, place and product. They include market tastes, economic, socio cultural, legal, technological, competitive and political factors to name but a few. Failure to account for these factors can lead to dire consequences The UP;s of marketing, I. , the marketing mix, are controlled by the marketing manager. There are variables, however, that are uncontrollable and managers have to take them as givens. These include the following six major nongovernmental variables: (1) demographic – Demographics are characteristics of the population. Demographics includes gender, age, income, family size, occupation, ethnicity, etc. Marketers study demographic trends. (2) natural More and more people are concerned with the environment The companies that pollute are being forced by new legislation to invest in pollution-control equipment.

There are great opportunities for businesses that produce green products. A large number of people want to buy products that are friendly to the environment. (3) cultural (this includes social) (4) economic The middle class seems to be shrinking in the United States. This will affect the market for many different products including automobiles and housing. (5) political (legal) We will see how various laws and government agencies affect the way a marketer conducts business (6) technological Technology can have a great impact on marketing.

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Notice how the Internet has had a huge impact on so many industries ranging from banking to retailing. There was a time when education was almost exclusively in a traditional classroom. Economic factors are Just some of the “environmental uncontrollable” which marketers must consider when deciding to market globally POLITICAL FACTORS The political environment of Pakistan affects the coca-cola beverages and Coca-Cola Export Corporation, to some extent. For instance, the political instability in Pakistan causes trade and import policies to change rapidly as the government changes which causes many problems in the import of raw materials.

ECONOMIC FACTORS The economic condition of Pakistan has not been stable for a long time but The recent economic indicators suggest that the economy is growing and macroeconomic issues are getting sold but at the same time there has not any marked increase in the consumer buying power (inflation). SOCIAL FACTORS Being a foreign based company Coca-cola faces opposition by Muslim activists. The main social issues are: It faced scandal of humiliating Muslims religion that when the inverted image of Coca-Cola brand name is being viewed on the mirror it disgraces the name of Holy city Make and Hazard Muhammad P.

B. U. H). This was a wrong conception as there was no reality in it and this scandal was flopped after a short span. One of the greatest social barriers to coca-cola Lahore is the restriction of coke in the campus premises. TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS The making of Coke, Fantasy, Diet coke and sprite involves “mixing and blending, filling and capping For this process, concentrate or syrup is imported from USA and is then mixed in the local plants . Machinery for the local plants was also imported but now the coca-cola company follows Local content law as cost of the spare parts are locally made.

The system is automated and equipment is fully operational and up-to-dated. In technology Coca-cola company is far ahead than the several other local beverage brands of Pakistan. 2. Find the out the international outlet of Jollied. State that there are various phases of international marketing one of them is the regular marketing phase . Why is Jollied considered to be in this phase ? Explain ;USA ; KUWAIT SAUDI ARABIA QATAR HONKING BRUNET VIETNAM PHILIPPINES AAU Jollied ecocide’s to be in this phase because

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