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What is the reorder point if the usage rate is 10 units per day, the order lead time is and the safety stock is 30? Answer A business partnership between a domestic firm and a foreign firm is known as a Joint venture. Question 17 General Industries has operations in over thirty foreign countries. The headquarters in Atlanta controls the entire organization while offering subsidiaries the freedom necessary to achieve success in local markets. General Industries is an example of a(n) Answer trading company. 0 Question 18

Airline tickets for vacation travel 0 Question 19 With its Venus razor, Gillette was the first marketer to offer a triple blade razor specifically designed for women. This is an example of market segmentation using variables. Answer demographic Question 20 A group that has the willingness, ability, and authority to buy a product is the definition of a Answer market. Edward Deeper, an MBA student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, recently purchased a small ice cream and frozen yogurt business close to campus to help pay his way through the program.

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Even though Wisconsin has cold winters, ice cream and frozen yogurt generally sell well year-round. After two months of operation, it became clear why the previous owners had sold the business: even though it seemed to be ideally located, sales were extremely disappointing. Edward developed a research design to aid his investigation. This design included a questionnaire that attempted to measure “ice cream taste preference”; however, Edwards professor said that the questionnaire measured not “ice cream taste preference” but something else.

The roofless was questioning the research design’s Answer validity. 0 Question 2 target market for Mercedes or other luxury European import sedans because Answer competitors are the most significant to marketers since buyers see the different products of these firms as direct substitutes for each other. Answer Generic Patricia Robertson is running for Congress from the Sixth District in her state. She is interested in knowing the intended choices of the voters. All the registered voters in her district would constitute the stud’s Answer population.

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