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The purpose of their business is serves the best food and services to each customers. Genuine ingredients coupled with original recipes and original taste, they provide more than 100 assortments of sushi and 100 varieties of cooked food that are authentically Japanese. They now have 10 outlets in Malaysia which is at Sunday Pyramid, One Tama, Garden Mall, Low Hat Plaza, Paradigm Mall, Fahrenheit 88 and 1 Month Kara. They have their own weediest for customers more easily to find out the most nearby location and know what is new on that month.

The main selling product is sushi other that they also have sell noodles, rice set, desserts, and beverages. That sushi of color plate starts from Sushi Zamia is originated from Japan. They are offering the combination of tangible goods and services in their business. They provide traditional Japanese foods and services on their business. They business are on direct sell foods to customers.

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They have serves appetizer which the Japanese meal begins with a visual feast of chilled and warm appetite’s, like: Salmon roe Japanese omelet Potato Mayonnaise Sushi Zamia created own specialties featuring the freshest, handpicked ingredients provide a fresh, contemporary spin on much-loved favorites, exquisitely tailored to tit local taste preferences such as, Sandhogs Hanna Salmon Caterpillar Roll Wassail Roll The traditional entree consists of expertly-sliced raw fish, shellfish or mollusks, complemented perfectly by the combination of wassail and soy sauce, and often accompanied by pickled ginger, example Salmon sashimi Tort sashimi Magnum sashimi According to survey, most of the female prefer sushi salad that the reason Sushi Zamia products include various types of Salad to let customers choose too. As you can see the three popular salad dishes are Sashimi Salad Salad Salmon Salad Kolas to Tofu Rolled sushi in Japanese language is pronounces make. It usually comprises of seafood which may or may not be raw, vinegar rice and paper-thin seaweed. For Salmon Make Soft Shell Crab Make NATO Make Follow that, they do have Tamaki. The “et” in Tamaki means hand is Japanese language. The Tamaki sushi is two- fold.

It not only refers to a hand roll that is made entirely with the hand, without the traditional bamboo mat. The cone-shaped Tamaki sushi is often prepared as an appetizer. Soft Shell crab Tamaki Koura Tamaki Imaging Tamaki Other than that, noodles are also usually customers will order it. They have provide three types of noodles one is sobs which is made from wheat flour, Don made from wheat flour, Ramee made from Chinese wheat flour and served with a wide range of soup stocks such as soy-sauce base and salt base. Sansei Don Nick Ramee Aggie sobs Danbury a dishes consist of a deep bowl of rice topped off with chicken, beef or seafood cooked in a variety of styles and sauces.

They have, Curry Rice Undo Abided In beverages, they served many types of drinks like Green Tea, Calais Smoothies, fine Japanese Sake, Soft Drinks, Japanese Plum Wine and others. Green Tea (unlimited refill) Chicago Smoothies Choosy Extreme A dessert to end the meals. It have multiple choice as well as, Mach & Mach Parfait Tachyon Monika Strawberry Parfait For the level of the product and services, Sushi Zamia is selling the product which is categories in actual product. They have their own brand name, design, packaging that deliver the core benefit to customers. They are selling high quality level product that most of the ingredients are import from Japan such as Salmon, tuna, sea bream, Eel and etc. Besides, Sushi Zamia are selling the shopping product goods which is one of the important consumer goods in market.

There have few reason because of Sushi Caiman’s product is belong to shopping product. Sushi Zamia of products is consumers purchase and consume on a less frequent schedule compared to convenience products. Normally, they opened their business inside the shopping mall and which is high class and crowded shopping mall. They will do more selective when choosing distribution outlets to sell their products. However, customers are willing to spend more time locating their products since they are relatively more expensive than convenience products and because these may process additional psychological benefits for the purchaser, such as raising customers status level within their social group.

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