Marketing and Ikea Assignment

Marketing and Ikea Assignment Words: 302

KEA catalog show is an important part of marketing strategy, which greatly promoted the sales of Kike’s products. The directory lists not only the product photos and price, but through the careful design of designers, customers can take from home layout inspiration and practical solutions. KEA was show strategy called lively marketing because the way this show lively, full of results for each product field.

The arrangement can produce store Joint buying effect – is the room layout of the whole show not a single show, so It Is easy to have a joint buying effect. KEA Group’s racketing strategy is the adoption of the importance of environmental protection to enhance the corporate Image. About 10 years ago, the KEA Group plans to begin participation in environmental protection issues involved include: materials and products, forest, suppliers. Transportation, shopping environment.

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KEA design for new product development, great emphasis on the market front line staff involved in the design process, because only they can understand the customer’s needs KEA mall layout shows the importance of its customers. In shopping centers, the floor has the order of the arrow guide stroll by customers throughout the mall. Display area next to the main channel, showcase the depth of no more than 4 meters, to ensure that customers will not go long distance.

Display area in accordance with the living room, dining room, studio, bedroom, kitchen, children’s products, and restaurant order. This order is used to starting from the customer set. KEA features are best known are DID, customers need all the self-assembly furniture. KEA furniture for all with very specific installation instructions, customers can easily according to the Instructions to assemble furniture, it can increase the hands-on fume KEA start to provide online shopping service in 2001.

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