Marketing, Argue for advertising on the Internet Assignment

Marketing, Argue for advertising on the Internet Assignment Words: 1130

The graphical interface from the Internet is much more user friendly and y the mid of sass’s many business man and consumers began to use the technology for advertising. Internet has become a major and effective medium for advertising and it is going to replace the traditional advertising such as using television, radio, newspaper and magazines. There were many advantages of online advertising compared to the traditional advertising. The online advertising and marketing scenario covered a wider area and this will be the future advertise technique for all business man to advertise about their product or announcements.

From my point of IEEE, advertise on the Internet gives the chance to the entrepreneur to expand their business because advertising on the internet has wider global coverage. Throughout, it helps to spread the advertising all over the world and it saves cost compare to the traditional way of advertising which just beyond the limit of advertising package that they sign up. Beside than that, online advertising will help the entrepreneur sale to grow if the advertisement able to catch lot of people attention. On the other hand ,we are able to reach targeted audience whenever we were .

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The usage of smart phone enable us to get update through the advertisement frequently beyond our fingertip and this make the audience more convenience to get the news of the advertisement. For example, we able to target the audience who Interested In our product by creating a group In Faceable that meet their need and demand which make the business go to the right path -Offline advertising unable us to target to the right audience compare to the online advertising which always ensure you to reach the targeted audience that will secure a profitable campaign and relevant leads.

Low rate charge for advertising is another added advantage of online advertising and racketing compare to offline advertising which charge a higher prize. There is some online advertising is free of charge such as Madam and EBay website. These features make them as a favorite online advertising in the global world. Online advertising able to offer a low rate of charge to business because they save cost on paper, printing and labor cost. Furthermore, internet advertising which is paperless help to achieve our environment friendly surrounding for a better world to live.

There Is no loss of profit If the sale does not meet the estimated sale because the advertising fee an be made free of charge compare to the offline advertising which require you to pay the full payment before advertising. Internet plays an Important role to connect the people around the world. Indeed, people spent their most of the time online. These give chance to the advertiser to convey more details about the advertisement to the audience.

Moreover, the advertisement in the online looks more informative and attractive to catch the audience eyes. Instead of making the graphic or text advertisement, you can make a video advertisement which able to convey the message faster about the product. The advertiser will only get the benefit if the user get more information and attracted to the product mention. Meanwhile the offline advertisement offer a graphic advertisement will get a lesser attention and give a slower feedback to the advertiser.

On the other hand, text and graphic advertisement compose of a climbable link to a specific landing page which provides an easy and convenient way for users to get the product information in more proactive way. In addition, as long as there is internet connection that enables the user to browse the advertisements without any limit via any portable devices. Online advertising is much faster than offline advertising because you can start sending out your advertisement to a wider audience as soon as you start your advertising campaign.

Offline advertisement might take a longer time, for instance one or two week times to be on the board. In contrast, the paper advertisement easy to be misplaced while the online advertisement look more organize as the link can be bookmark in our computer and save it in our email. Insurability and easiness to track the conversion makes online advertising miles ahead on the traditional advertising ethos. Advertiser can always listen to the comment and demand from the user or answer the question in a group wherever the advertiser wants.

The question and answer session can be make in a group and this will save time to answer all the questions from the multi users regarding the advertisement and this will make the user more understand about the product whereas the offline advertising need to gather a group of customer to talk about the product or will frequently receive a phone call to whom that interested with the advertisement. Beside than that, a lot of effective analytics tools are available to measure online advertising campaigns which help in more improvisation and the advertisers are easily engaged with the customers.

In addition, online advertisement makes it easy for the audience to engage with your advertisements or products and as an advertiser we would like to hear the feedback from the audience. In a way, this will improve the weakness of the product that been advertise lately. The fast and efficient improvement of the product might gain the interest of the audience to purchase one of our products but for the paper advertisement failed to get this advantage as they don’t link directly to the advertiser all the time.

The fast and efficient improvement toward the customer demand from time to time will increase up the sale profit. Lastly, internet advertising will offer you a better return of investment as online advertising mainly focused on performance based payment. There is a lot of ways to make payment through online if the audience really wants to purchase any of your products and this ensure the return of your investment compare to the traditional advertising that might attract the audience that fail to pay for the value.

As a conclusion, marketing strategy to advertise a product is much more efficient way in this new global era by using the internet as the population of the internet user in the worldwide is increasing compare to the user of television and newspaper is decreasing. I hope affordable cost and convenient to manage. For all these reasons, I believe that internet advertising is a much effective and efficient way for marketing. So, when people ask me, “let start to advertise product in newspaper”, I say no because I believe advertise through online is much more efficient and save our pocket money.

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