Marketing analysis Berri Pure fruit juice Assignment

Marketing analysis Berri Pure fruit juice Assignment Words: 580

The best way to reach the objective Is by getting In touch with an Australian company that’s in the same business sector (exporting food) and get an agreement so hey will both share transportation cost. What they will gain is that both companies will save money and can sell their product at a minor cost but as Taiwanese people associate expensive things to luxury It must be the best option to sell the Juice at the same price as if they were not saving on transportation.

PRICING Sell the Juice as an expensive and exclusive product. The reason of this action is that, as I have mention before, the Taiwanese people have a better image of those expensive products because they related them to a better quality and reliability. PLACE Don’t enter direct to Taipei (Twain’s capital). When we think about launching a product into a new country, we always strike to the biggest city, which commonly Is the capital.

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This has a lot of positive and negative aspects. A positive one could be that If you conquer that city It might be easy for you to get into other states in the future and the negative side would be that since is a big city it is most difficult for you to know what the consumer wants. The best way to do it will be launching the Juice into Shunning first (Twain’s second biggest city), to e If the product Is well accepted or not, and how do the clients react to It.

The result of all this will be that the company will get an idea of what people in Taipei want or need; also since is a smaller city it can help them out to make relationships that might be useful for them to place the product in Taipei. They must choose the first option (“Bee Lee”) because although the phrase isn’t the closest to the original English pronunciation It is very related to the Chinese culture. It will be easy to remember and It perfectly reflects the nature of the product. IMPORTER SELECTION 1 OFF The company should go with someone with more experience in the business.

They can’t take the risk of going with someone with lower experience Just because it’s cheaper. At the end it could result worst. Chow manages international brands so that makes him more dependable not Just for Berry also for the consumer. They had worked with Australian brands before so he knows how they work in general, he’s not new in the business and he also knows very well where are the best places to sell each product. What Berry must do is make advertisement that show rich and young people consuming the Juice.

That might sound very discriminatory and superficial for other countries but not for Taiwan. People in Taiwan look for recognized brands, they like to buy the best products and must of them don’t care about the price as long as they have an immediate benefit. The media Berry should primarily focus: TV. Spots where they can see young and famous people. Make an agreement with Rainier Yang, Barbie Xx and Ales Us (ones of the famous and hottest celebrities of Taiwan) to be the faces of the brand in that country and maybe even get a contract with them so it will be the only Juice they can buy.

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