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Therefore managers must evaluate risks that could affect the organization in the future. Organizing: Managers must organize the workforce in an efficient manner and structure it in such a way that it could be beneficial to the organization. Coordinating: Managers must make sure that the procedures and the activities performed by the company work hand to hand. Command: Managers must supervise their subordinates In their daily work, and Inspire them to achieve the company goals. Control: Managers must control the company stateless so they are in line with company policies and objectives.

These are considered primary functions of management (stated by Henry Payola) which also go hand in hand with being a leader. This is clearly reflected on her work as a manager of the customer engagement team as she needs the above elements into making her team to work and do their jobs more efficiently and to build them for the future as a team that can do their job right and complete targets in time, which is all what the company is striving from her. This in whole will be beneficial not Just for Jess but for the whole company. There are many techniques for Jess to deal with her team members different resonantly.

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She can use assertiveness In Carols case as she does the right thing at work , completing deadlines and everything that is required of her but her way of communicating is very abrasive (harsh tone, rude). For jess it’s a problem as whenever she confronts Carol it ends up her getting more stressed out of it. The techniques that could be applied are the following. She can try for a win/win situation in which both of them agree towards a compromise. Fogging is a useful technique if people are behaving in a manipulative or aggressive way.

Rather than arguing back, fogging aims to give a minimal, calm response using terms that are placating but not defensive, while at the same time not agreeing to meet demands. The Stuck Record technique employs the key assertive skill of staying clam at all times. It Involves repeating what you want, time and time again, without Ralston the tone of your voice, becoming angry or Irritated. In Jacks case she can try to negotiate her status among the team members. Due to undermining her position. He is actually influencing and motivating the team instead of Jess.

So she needs to negotiate what he is allowed to help the other members with ND if it’s other than that then he needs to refer them to Jess rather than giving them advice on her behalf. She can try for an all win situation but it could backfire as most of the team members will receive this as negative and that she is forcing change on them forcing things on them. She can also try a win-win situation as it will mean that they can decide on what they can do to help the team members, giving the impression to the team members that Jess is doing this to help the team rather than being Jealous of Jacks popularity among them.

In Legless case she can try to influence ere to do much better and that she is capable of doing more than her current efforts. The techniques that Jess could use can be taken from the Six Laws of Influencing written by Professor Robert Calling which are the following The Law of Reciprocity: Reciprocity is when people feel indebted to those who do something for them or give them a gift. The idea is you have to go first. Give something e. G. Give information, give a positive experience to people and they will want to give you something in return.

The Law of Authority: People respect authority. They want to follow the lead of a strong leader. The Law of Scarcity: scarcity relates to supply and demand. Basically, the less there is of something, the more valuable it is. The more rare and uncommon a thing, the more people want it. The Law of Liking: People are also more likely to favor those who are physically attractive, similar to themselves, or who give them compliments. The Law of Social Proof: When people are uncertain about a course of action, they tend to look to those around them to guide their decisions and actions.

They especially want to know what everyone else is doing especially the person in charge. The Law of Commitment and Consistency: People do not like to back out of deals. People want to be both consistent and true to their word. Getting customers or co-workers to publicly commit to something makes them more likely to follow through with an action or a purchase. The laws of commitment and consistency are when Jess can show Legless that honesty, logic, stability and strength could help her achieve more than she has done currently. Also is the law of reciprocity which Jess can apply by helping her whenever she needs help.

This could help Jess by letting Legless know that she is here to help ere and that in return she would like her to put some more commitment and effort at work. SQ Due to Jess Just being made manager of a completely new customer engagement team, there are many sources of conflicts among the employees and Jess. A few of them are connected to Jack and bringing about of change that Jess wants to apply. Jack who has been in the organization far longer than Jess (actually more than anyone else in the new team) considers Jess as a Junior to him even though she holds a higher position than him in the team.

The reason being as he is highly experienced u to the amount of time he has spent with the company. The problem is that the staffs always go and seek out Jack then Jess, which could in a way undermine her authority as she really isn’t doing much to help the staff with their work and helping this with Jess and always puts in his own way to help deal with them, which could be completely different to how Jess wants it to be done. These areas of conflict can be avoided by Jess sitting down with Jack and have a one to one chat with him and telling him what she feels about the situation and how to make both of them happy.

Jess can benefit hugely with Jacks experience and she can make a compromise by asking him to help with her decision making that could better their relationship. Also they could agree on collaborating in helping staff that approach Jack by him involving Jess in these discussions and thus reinforcing her position as a manager. One thing for Jess not to do in this situation is to avoid it as it could damage her image as manager. The reason for Jess being appointed as manager was partially due to some of the new ideas she was hoping to use.

Unfortunately for her most of the team including Bad and Brian are resistant to change and would like things to be done the old way, thus causing some problems with Jess and she hasn’t done much to tackle this situation. For Jess to deal with this problem she must show the team what’s different about these changes and how they will help them better achieve their targets but not by forcing upon them which could cause resentment towards her and having an opposite effect. SQ The meetings that have been taking place every month have had very little involvement from the staff, and this worries Jess.

The meetings usually turn out to be reports on the performance targets. To help make the staff engage and participate in the monthly meetings, Jess needs to completely change her way of doing these meetings. Ideas that will be useful foe Jess are the following Jess can make the meetings more engaging by having some snacks and drinks to make the staff take interest. She can have time allocated for other things like problems among colleagues, suggestions from the staff and talk about the new changes she is bringing and how they are to help them do their work smoothly.

Having the meetings becomes a bit longer so they have more time to discuss other areas of attention. With staff paying attention and taking interest in the monthly meetings could be signs of a positive relationship among the team and Jess, as it could be made to reflect on a range of areas needing attention rather than Just a brief summary of performances by the company. Jess can also use some meeting organization techniques for engaging with her team. They are the following. Brainstorming: Brainstorming is a process used by a group to generate a large number of ideas on a specific issue.

Open Space: Open is a method for convening groups around a specific question or ask of importance and giving them responsibility for creating both their own agenda and experience. Group Facilitation: Group facilitation aims to enable groups and organizations to work more effectively; to collaborate and achieve synergy. Fishbowls: Fishbowls involve a small group of people (usually 5-8) seated in circle, having a conversation in full view of a larger group of listeners. Fishbowl processes provides a way to include everyone in a small group discussion. Time management is an essential part of being successful in life, work and private.

There are techniques that can help Jess manage her time better. They are “Three AS” thinking on the future, clarifies your goals and objectives and it will save time in the long run. According to Backwash’s Three Cornerstones of Planning 1 Predicting the future 2 Decide what you want your future to look like 3 Analyze the results Figure out ways to make sure your future comes out the way you want. 4 Implement the plan as the planning process is important, maybe as important as the result Priorities: Just because you need to do something it doesn’t mean you have to.

This needs to be implemented as it helps to prioritize what needs o be done when. Procrastination: Procrastination is when you leave the task in hand to do something that is either irrelevant or it’s not related to the task. It is something that needs to be avoided as much as possible. There are many other ways to help Jess manage her time but the ones that might help her at work are the following To have a diary in which you can have your schedule, reminding you of any deadlines, small but important stuff Take the first 30 minutes of every day to plan your day.

Don’t start your day until you complete your time plan. The most important time of our day is the time you schedule to schedule time. Remember that it’s impossible to get everything done so have the deadlines be realistic so they are achievable by you and the staff. It’s important to list the tasks you have and to sort these in order of priority, and then to spend more time on the most important tasks. This avoids wasting time on the simple and easy tasks. Identify areas where time is being wasted and what can be done to stop it.

It could help by having more useful time to spend on tasks that need to be done. SQ There are many problems facing Jess that are her team being UN-cooperative, targets to met and above all her team is underperforming which is leading her to exhibiting stress. She has lost her drive and enthusiasm that she started the role of manager with. The stress that Jess is facing is mostly due to the reluctance of them accepting the change that she brought with her and also taking her enthusiasm as overconfident.

It’s further made worse by team members looking for other senior members of the team for help and decision making, due to them having more experience and known each other longer then Jess has. Jess can deal with this stress by doing a couple of things. Firstly Jess can avoid unnecessary stress by taking control of her work environment. To do this she should have a chat with people that are stressing her out, but she needs to do it in such that they both agree on that something is wrong and that they need to work together to help each other.

Secondly she can be more assertive by dealing with the problem rather than bottling it up. There could be other people stressed out due to Jesses role as manager. It could include new changes that have been taken in negatively by the team members. To deal with this Jess could do something fun with the whole team like a night out or mom social activity on their day off for a change. A recent study by a top university has shown that having fun can reduce stress significantly, as it provides them with something like a positive experience.

Secondly she can try to know everyone better, including their strengths and weaknesses which could ultimately lead her to make decisions suited for the team members and them not getting stressed out for being weak in the task at hand. SQ not met and above all her team underperforming. Due to Jess being appointed as manager, she has problems with how to manage the team and they are dealing with am members that are hard to get along with, staff not doing the work up to standards, not enough interest generated from them in doing their work to their highest ability.

Due to this the team is under performing and she is taking the heat from the people in charge of her. Jess can deal with managing problems in several ways. But the ones that are related to her situation are Active Listening management approaches are commonly used throughout the public sector to allow for quick reactions to issues or problems. Like the listening approach, Cultivating management approaches rely on utilizing existing skills found in civil society as the basis for successful community participation.

Steering management approaches are used in delivering short-term, specific and instrumental (policy development, acceptance testing and decision-making) outcomes. Jess can enhance her decision making skills by following through a plan or process, rather than Jumping into a conclusion. The process is something that should be on the lines of the following criteria. Listing all possible solutions and or options. Setting a time scale and deciding who is responsible for the decision. Information gathering. Weighing up the risks involved.

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