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Yon Science Originally, I always imagined science to be a fact-based subject. Believed there was no second guessing science. That everything was proven by trial and error using the scientific method. After thoroughly investigating science and its’ process, have completely changed my views on it. Now feel scientist do not care about humans and the environment as much as they do money. Also, the products such as medicine, vaccines, and other cures are not tested or proven enough to be applied to humans.

I believe the science industry has changed mainly because it is now money driven. Another factor that changed my views on science is considering the people within the industry and their motives, biases, and actions. With the money driven, biased, and selfishly influenced scientist of today I believe there is soon to be a “scientific revolution” in which almost all of science will be replaced by machines in a factory. As shown in the film the Promised Land, the new science industry cares very little for the environment and a lot more for their money.

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During the movie characters Matt Damon and Francis McDonald are sent to Pennsylvania, which at the time was struggling economically. Their employer, Global Crossover Solutions sends them out to the people giving them only the information they knew could convince the people and hiding the facts that would turn them away. This money driven company does not include the fact that the format they use to obtain the gas, really hurts the environment. Killing their cattle, grass, and other crops as chemicals are infused into the ground in order to get to the gas.

It only took one brave man, Mr.. Kinney who had done his research enough to educate the people on the real process and to convince them the company did not care for them, but for the money. A lot of scientist today rely on grants to do experiments and research. According to Anthony Liveried today’s governing body of scientist have created a monopoly in which a small group of scientist control almost all the money in the industry. Peter Duisenberg, a German-American molecular biologist has done great studies within the medical field mainly focusing on the cause of HIVE.

After doing his research and proving great points that could play a huge role in saving peoples lives, the science monopoly has decided to stop giving him grants in order to continue his research or to even spread the word. This all happened after Duisenberg had come to the conclusion that HIVE is caused by Guideline. The drug is known as ACT and is used in the process of curing AIDS. This meaning ACT must be removed from the market. ACT cost $400 per dose. Meaning the science industry would lose a great amount of money if word got out.

Therefore the industry has completely wiped him out, not warding him the Nobel he was expected to win and taking away all grants given to him. Examples such as Promised Land and Peter Duisenberg are the reason why I believe the science industry is soon to be like our government, all money motivated. As stated by Anthony Liveried, science, in various degrees hypothetical, uncertain, and open to interpretation, and is influenced by human psychology, sociology, politics, and other corruptions. “The polio vaccine scandal” in 1 955 raised and ideal amount of awareness all around the world. As people felt cheated, tricked, and let down.

Physicians looked at this as a profitable vaccine. An 11 h billion dollar industry. But of course the failure of scientist to invest the suffice amount of time and effort lacked immensely. Thus making the shot absolutely invaluable having no effect on the people. David Hull of the University of Chicago concluded, ‘ ‘While the scientist cooperate well enough, the very engine of scientific achievement is the competitive urge. ” In many ways what Hull states could be good for the people and consumers of science. In my opinion this creates motives and biases that can hurt us in many ways.

For example the science industry had granted Robert Gallo the Berkeley professor of retro virology $350,000 a year to do his research. Within his vast amount of researches many of them such as the ones he’s done on cancer, help the profits of the science industry. On the other hand Peter Disturb who has came up with a way to avoid getting HIVE, is a potential threat to the profits of the industry’, and has been declined any grants. Now a days science is driven more by pride and profits than it is cure and care. Examples such as the movie Promised Land, people such as Robert Gallo,

Peter Duisenberg, and stories such as “the polio vaccine scandal” are ones who bring awareness to ordinary people. Whether it’s the obtaining of natural gas, finding the cause of HIVE, or even using a vaccine as a scandal for money, I believe the people should always know the cause and effect of things. Reading through a couple of articles and watching a film or two has had a great effect on my views of science. I hope that sometime soon scientist start spreading both sides to the story, and if not I hope people like me who really never looked into the cause and effect start doing so now.

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