Islam And Christianity In Early Modern Africa Assignment

Islam And Christianity In Early Modern Africa Assignment Words: 253

African Muslims blended Islam with indigenous beliefs/customs creating a “Synthetic brand of Islam. ” “Synthetic brand of Islam” viewed as impure and offensive by others. The Fulfill and Islam Fulfill located in West African Savannas. Viewed a strict form of Islam like those in North Africa & Arabia. From 1680 to 19th Century – Led a series of military campaigns to establish Islamic states and Impose their own brand of Islam In West Africa. Founded powerful states in what Is now Guiana, Senegal, Mall, and northern Nigeria.

Promoted the spread of Islam to the countryside. Strengthened Islam in Sub-Sahara Africa, and laid a foundation for Islamic State- Building and conversion efforts. Christianity in Sub-Sahara Africa Christianity blended with traditional beliefs/customs in Sub-Sahara Africa. Sometimes created “Synthetic Cults. ” Antonio Movement in Kong in the early 18th Century. Antonio Movement began in 1704 under an aristocratic woman named Dona Beatrice. Dona Beatrice – communicated messages of SST.

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Anthony of Pads, worked oracles, cured diseases, and promoted an African form of Christianity. Jesus Christ was a black African man Kong was the true holy land of Charlatanry Heaven was for Africans Dona Batteries movement was a serious challenge to Christian missionaries in Kong. In 1 706, they persuaded King Pedro IV of Kong to arrest Dona Beatrice on suspicion of heresy and the teachings of false doctrine. Dona Beatrice was sentenced to death and burned at the stake. Antonio Movement did not disappear: in 1 708 an army of almost 20,000 challenged King Pedro.

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