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Club Cards The creation of the Tests club card was a advantageous Idea, but the club card can revived Incorrect information about the customer who handles the card and give Tests Mobile the wrong image of the customer, in terms of knowing what that customer likes and want when they’re shopping at Tests Mobile. This can occur if the club card is handled by someone else who is not the owner(e. G. The owners son), resulting in the actual owner receiving offers and information about things they did not actually purchase.

For example lets say the son of the owner of the card It Is bought a video game then the actual owner may a lot receive emails/letters about that game or things that are in relation to that game. Tests believe that everything bought on the card is purchased by its owner, which is not the case sometimes, resulting in invalid information being produced on the club card. Questionnaires Questionnaires can be helpful for a company when the questions are produced correctly and given to the right people.

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Questionnaire have a low response rate In general, therefore Tests Mobile shouldn’t have a high expectancy rate of receiving questionnaires back when they send them out to their customers. When questionnaires are posted people tend to just chuck them in the bin because they ant be bothered filling them in a posting it back to Tests Mobile, even though they got a Freeport envelope alongside the questionnaire. Due to the lack of response back with questionnaires you wouldn’t be able to generalist e. If Tests Mobile sent out 3000 questionnaires out and only received 300 back then they would be unable to generalist. This would make It difficult for Tests Mobile to figure out what merchandise to sell. People may give out false answers on questionnaires because they may Just tick any answer or they may be intimidated by the question etc. This old result in Tests Mobile stocking product people do not actually want. When Tests Mobile conduct questionnaires, the questions asked are usually closed questions, this is so that It is easier to generalist and analyses the customer answers.

Tests Mobile may also choose to put in leading questions as It gives the person the Impression that their pollen Is valued. Interviews Having interviews conducted it valuable to Tests Mobile but what is said and what is asked can have limitations. Tests Mobile could invite some of their customers in for an interview and the interviewee could feel intimidated by the interviewer, this Is allied the observer effect; resulting in the interviewee hesitating and giving the interviewer the answer they think they want to hear.

In addition to this people may feel the need to lie so that they don’t look Inferior to the Interviewer, and In fact feel vulnerable this may because they feel they’re being Judged on their ethnicity, age, appearance or gender. This likely to become apparent when personal questions are being asked during an interview. For example 21 year old may feel uncomfortable in talking to some who is 65, as they may feel they’re inferior or superior to them. Depending on the type of person interviewed, they may tend to give short answers in order to get the interview over and done with, which could limit the amount of research being collected.

Short answers would also make it harder to analyses because there would be enough information. On the other hand the interviewee may be garrulous and feel comfortable with the interviewer and begin to start a conversation which is off-topic; having an effect on the data collected. Having a talkative interviewee could mean that it will be harder to analyses information due to the amount of content they’ve given. If the interviewer answers the questions in the rang way it could result in incorrect answers, meaning that time and money has been wasted on conducting an interview.

Secondary Research Many limitations are involved when using secondary research such as, the date the research was conducted, as it may be out of date when you want to use the research and many companies who provide that data will tend not to redo market research as it’s already been done. A limitation that may also occur is that you don’t know the exact set of questions that were being asked, as the exact questions arena displayed when you buy the secondary data nor are the exact answers. Only the concluding exults and the amount of people involved in the market research are given to the buyer.

The cost of secondary data can be extremely expensive depending on how recent the research is and the company who’s selling it. Cost and Time Consuming All of the types of market research listed above have one limitation in common which is that they’re all time consuming as it takes quite a lot of time to get the exact information you want to retrieve. This applies especially to questionnaires as they need to select the right people in order to produce valid results and the truth is that most of the time people cannot be bothered to fill them in.

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