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Their marketing incept is to make customers contented with all the products, which makes the business more efficient and saves money, because they do not concentrate on product which customers would not buy. There are loads of Penny Markets throughout the Czech Republic situated along and In the centre of the clues. This Is a big advantage, because their target market Is very wide. These are mostly elderly people or people with low Income. Penny Market Identifies mostly by observation, anticipates this through cooperation with headquarter in Radiance.

Penny Market’s ND products for everyday use (washing liquids, dish towels… ). Infringement of constrains like durability of the products was not found. The first impact of the shop on me was about low prices and branding. There are many boards with the logo and numbers showing the discounts. Customers which were mostly elderly people, were buying products from bakery shop, but also milk products, meat and vegetable. There were only trolleys used, and three cash desk. There were not big queues. Penny Market in Choked (Pariah – Hajj) opens from am till 8 pm everyday from Monday to

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Sunday. The employees were quite busy in the morning, there were about five of them, some behind the cash desk, some doing the bakery or putting together the milk products into the fridges. B) Globes Hypermarket has only three markets in Prague: in Czerny most, Zillion and Achieve. These parts of Prague are on the very edge of the city, so people who live in the centre never go to Globes for daily needs. People who visit globes only visit when they need a big purchase or need something special what different hypermarkets do not have.

Globes customers can be also people living very next to the Hypermarket. Globes offers wide range of different food products, they have their own bakery which is daily working and offering fresh and quality products for customers, they sell textile and clothes, mobile phones and different electronic devices and mostly products for do-it- yourself, home and garden furniture, garden equipments: for gardening, oil into the hogged and many different products regarding the house. Globes in Czerny most is very big. There were many of the employees working in the house product’s.

Globes opens from am to Imp everyday from Monday to Sunday. The Hypermarket in Czerny most is quite far away from the metro station, so it has its own bus which goes about every 20, 30 minutes from the metro to the Globes for free. They also offers a telephonic hot line: Green line on which You can call for any information about the products. Task B Report to Your mentor a. On how a selected organization uses marketing research to contribute to the development of its marketing plans. (aims and objectives, primary and secondary research, target population)

Penny Market For finding out what their target market needs and wants Penny Market uses primary and secondary research. Because we are talking about a discount store, their target is mostly low-income people, usually elderly people. Primary research: They are using many types of questionnaires – interviewing a small group, conducting an interview over the telephone, email questionnaires or postal questionnaires to ask customers which products they like, why and why not. Advantage of questionnaire is it is not so expansive but many customers do not pay observation techniques like mystery shoppers.

Also one of the Penny Markets can use data which were already held by another Penny Market in the city or country. Secondary research: When building new Penny Market or when they are producing new products, it is very helpful to know how many people live in the area along the Penny Market. They use secondary research, a census data and public records. Limitation of market research may be validity of data collected, effectiveness and costs. Reliability is chiefly concerned with making sure the method of data gathering leads to consistent exults.

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