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Describe the role internet marketing has in a modern marketing context using selected organization as examples” I am going to prepare a report for the attention of the management team for two contrasting organizations Tests and Asset. In this report I will be introducing the unit of internet marketing, define what internet marketing is about and the role of internet marketing. Also I will provide a section on which ways internet marketing is used. This report will also include information on how customers can benefit from the online services and the online business itself.

Procedure: In order to produce the report successfully, I will use relevant websites such as: wry. Tests. Com and wry. Asset. Com. These will help me to check how well both businesses are operating online and how they promote their online business. The Role of Internet Marketing: The internet marketing introduces the products and services online. Businesses that aim for profit intend to market their products through the internet because it’s a beneficial way of increasing the organization’s profit, sells and also increases the number of their customers.

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Marketing in the business world is about finding out what customers want and expect from the business, therefore it is important to provide the best and easiest way to operate the business. Middle The longer the process, the less effective it is for the customers. Physical evidence: This includes how the business is promoting the products/services and how they are displayed on the internet. How the website looks? Colorful? Boring? Also why is it attracting customers? It also addresses to how simple and easy the website is to use, . . Providing a search engine and add to basket. Segmentations and targets: This relates to the customers. Customers have different preferences to what they want from the business. For example people shop everyday for groceries, however not all customers are looking for the same products. This also applies to Asset as people fly from country to country, but depending on the place they go there is a set price. By segmenting the market, customers will be able to find out what all their customers want.

Segmentations and targeting online is carrying out a number of different variables such as demographics, economic and chirography’s. Demographics trends: This may change from time to time. It includes gender, age, race, disabilities and employment status. This explains for the population change. For example the age population may increase or decrease over time. Conclusion > Development of new products/ services: Business can easily check the top seller products/services through the internet. This is done by checking what the customers are viewing and buying.

There is also the rating check that will enable the business to examine whether the customers are interested in a certain product/service or not. Tests can check which products are more preferable by checking the feedback and the rating of the products. If customers are interested in the products, Tests can work towards improving the products and adding more varieties or flavors of that product because customers will increase their interests toward the product. D like apply it to the internet. Or example testes web technology has images and this helps tit customer interaction which catchy also have the club card thing assays understand what I mean so speak about how Tests use relationship marketing and how easy Jet use it. For example Tests are always offering existing customers discount tokens on particular products by sending them through the post they also have the club card thing easel you understand what I mean 00:gee and like apply it to the internet.

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