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Walton also has Robot operated Injection Plastic Molding Plants, highly equipped Test Labs, Printing & Packaging Sections, Alloy Wheel Making & DEED Coating Plants, Seam Tubes, Seat Foaming & Silencer Plants, Nitrogen & Electricity Generating Plants. Walton has very strong & rigid Quality Control (SQ) policy and well equipped SQ division consists of all types of testing devices as required including world’s latest COM. Walton always emphasizes on supreme priority to achieve customer satisfaction. It has a large sales; after sales service network in home ; abroad.

Walton has achieved various standard quality certificates including ISO 9001 :2008 ; ISO 14001 :2004. Walton service network is the country’s only ISO 9001 :2008 Standard Certified after sales service network. The products of the company have acquired a significant local market share and are also being exported globally for its world class quality. Walton sets its vision to take a place among the top Electronics, Automobiles, and Telecommunication Industries in the world by 2015. In a nutshell, it has been vehemently proved that Made in Bangladesh is the mark of ultimate confidence. . About Walton Motorcycle Walton motorcycle produced with modern innovative technology, elegant shape & design with different models of chic to chic motorcycle maintaining international standard quality as per requirements of its customers of different countries or regions. Walton motorcycle has security control system with voice alarm. Walton Motorcycle has introduced some special specifications like as mobile phone indicator, Digital gear display, Fuel location meter, Air shock absorber, Remote control, Hydraulic Brake, Anti-Theft lock and Alloy rim etc.

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Walton Motorcycle also has fuel efficient technology & Euro standard engine. * Normal Walton motorcycle: This model of motorcycles is especially for the professionals. Its features are- * Engine Type : Single Cylinder, 4-Stroke, Air-cooling * Ignition System : CDC * Engine Displacement : chic * Battery Voltage : iv Starting Method : Electric & Kick start * Transmission : 4 Gears * Tire Size (FIR) : 4 Gears * Fuel Tank: ALL * Dead Weight : keg * Rated Power (k/r/min) : 4. 5/7500 * Clutch : Wet-type, Multi-Disk * Wheel Base(mm) : 1290 * Dimension (LAX) : 2. 75-18/3. 0-18 4. Preliminary Analysis and Screening (Phase 1) Business constraint-The Theory of Constraints is a business management approach proposed by Dry. George Friedman at the University of Southern California. According to his theory, a business constraint is anything that interferes with the profitability of a company or business endeavor. Improving profitability requires the removal or reduction of business constraints. Common business constraints include time, financial concerns, management and regulations. Political Constraint – political Regulations is the big constraints.

These can range from governmental restrictions to import and exports to environmental restrictions regulating the materials used. While regulations must be followed, their impact on growth can often be mitigated. Legal Constraint-starting a new bike business is a complicated process that requires more than simply planning on how to produce, advertise and distribute a certain product or service. Businesses are subject to numerous laws and regulations that place limitations on the types of products and services they offer and how they operate.

Bike Businesses must work within the legal constrains that govern them to avoid potentially costly legal violations. Licenses And Industry Regulation-A business may be constrained by a variety of licenser and other regulatory requirements, based on the industry and activities the business wants to pursue labor laws. Time Constraints-Time constraints include not only the amount of time required to complete a task, but the amount of time needed to obtain supplies, hire employees ND drive to meetings. Time should be maintained for delivery the bike.

Once identified as a primary constraint, management can take steps to address time factors and improve business performance. Financial Constraints-Financial factors are often limiting constraints for businesses. They can range from inadequate budget allocations to excessive salaries or overhead expenditures. For example, if an organization does not have the money to buy more bikes, its ability to sell is constrained. Similarly, if more employees are needed, but the budget cannot accommodate additional salaries, then growth is limited.

Corrections for financial constraints are often very complicated. However, shifts within the existing budget are often possible in the absence of increased overall allowance company policies. Management and Staffing-As businesses grow and change, their staffing and productivity when employees cannot adapt to new demands or when additional employees are needed but the capitol to pay them is not yet available. Management needs also change over time and sometimes poor management constrains growth by fostering low employee morale or allocating resources inappropriately. Other Constraints:

A business plan (bike) needs to be realistic, so it is important to set out in detail the constraints that are likely to act as limits on business activity. Typical constraints facing the bike business include: 1 . The size of the market. The extent of the market determines a business’s ability to make sales. You can’t make sales if there are no customers out there. 2. The nature of demand in the market. It is important to identify the nature of your customers and their requirements through detailed market research. 3. The availability of supply. A business often depends on supplies. . The nature of the competition. The strength of the competition is a key constraint on bike business success. Businesses need to position themselves in such a way as to limit the effect of the competition. 5. The availability of finance. Bike Businesses need to have the right quantities of finance at the right times to invest in the market. It is necessary to have funds when they are required to meet the pressing needs of the bike business. 6. The quality and skills of employees. The human resource is one of the most important resources of any organization.

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