International Marketing Assignment

International Marketing Assignment Words: 245

In this twenty-first century, when Globalization is the well- used word by west and east, people are trying to make this world a ‘global village’, internet is playing the vital role in this process. Internet has revolutionized the International business in terms of reaching new market, catching different taste of consumer, Brand building, set the appropriate price for the product and so on. Internet and these related technologies have opened a new door for International marketers to think of their Promotional strategy and global distribution channel management as well.

International marketers are taking these opportunities to go global, and that actually gives them competitive advantage In foreign land (Helsel, 2011). Factor The Internet has revolutionized every phase of International marketing and trade. It has emerged as a global medium of communication that accommodates specific needs of businesses. This strategic Impact of the Internet Is exemplified by the spread of Western culture and sphere of Influence around the world.

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It Is no secret that a charity of Internet content has Its origins In the US. In fact, the computer network Is accessed mainly through us-made software. The Internet has also become a primary advertising medium for global firms and product brands. Internet advertising Is more advantageous than traditional advertising because It provides accurate and complete Information to consumers. It Is also a potent marketing and distribution tool for Intangible commodities and a medium for marketing and consumer research.

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