Integrated marketing Assignment

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In order to make Judgment of whether or not to launch Climb Bays easy close trash bags, we need Information from the followings: Who are thee company’s biggest competitors In the market; what are their strategies of marketing the products and their “selling points”? How many segments are In the market right now, which segment Is the company going to target? For the specific target segment the company choose, what is the key factors that lead the consumers to purchase certain brand’s trash bag.? Also, how will the company going to take the information to help them market their new drawstring trash bag? How the consumers react to the new product after it was presented in the focus group? What are their perceptions of new trash bag that is coming out in the market? Does the new trash bags meet theirs expectation from a trash bag? 2) Yes, Ad-Lieder does have a marketing orientation. They are conducting market research to make sure the launch of the Climb Bays easy close trash bags would be successful. As the case stated:” He felt that Ad-Elder needed to launch a new product hat was different, modern, and offered the market a more favorable cost/benefit relationship than products currently on the market. Ad-Elder Is trying to figure out their way to launch the product with target segments and consumers through marketing research and conducting market research with focus groups and individual interviews in test market. 3) For the focus group, they cover a wide range of people from cities of SAA Paulo and ROI De Jeanine. Participants were selected from the A and B social classes because they accounted for 52% of the national consumption. They separate groups from housewives to apartment- wives. However, they didn’t separate the groups clearly and details enough.

For example, they didn’t separate group into “Class A, housewives from SAA Paula” etc…. It was too mixed that the housewives and apartment-wives from SAA Paulo and ROI De Jeanine both have mixed professional background and Income, as well as martial status. Because of the mixed background In the focus group, the pollen from the group was not as representative as more specified- group. For the percept intercept interviews, they ask detail questions about what each nonuser’s preference toward trash bags. In addition, they ask consumers about their “ideal trash bags”.

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However, the individual interviews were only conducted in 29 Agendas supermarket; limited to opinions from only one distribution channel. The market interview was also done on seven consecutive Saturdays, so they failed to interview housewives/consumer who shop on weekdays. 4) From the marketing research, we can concluded a lot with respect to marketing the Clean Fiche Focal: Because women are the mall purchaser of trash bags, we know whom we should be targeting. We can value women’s opinions more about trash bag. Consumers prefer garbage bags in rolls. Resilient. This perception was greater in SAA Paulo. Also, consumers are concerned about privacy; therefore, transparent trash bag to them is the worst. Price, Practicality and quality are the fundamental attributes for consumers. Consumers like to use supermarket bags as trash bag in bathroom. They like the handle and it is small and “free”. 5) I believe the research does support the launch of Climb Fiche Facial bag, at the end of the focus group. They have positive perception of the bag..

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