Innovation in Rural Marketing in India Assignment

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It was not possible to achieve this through Mass Media because of the each, cost involved and literacy levels. With the constraint in mind the team decided to have a systematic approach and extensive on ground activities to educate the masses on gold and create awareness on the availability of facilities like Karate’s In Gladiolus stores. Why do you think this Is Innovative with respect to domain,’laundry Traditional Jeweler’s have been using the manual touch stone method to check the purity of gold. But the reliability of this method is very low as the prediction varies based on the person’s experience.

Also the customer is unable to comprehend the teeth. Using the ignorance of people, the Jeweler’s prefer to continue with this method. Media penetration Is limited in rural due to poor literacy levels. The desired awareness levels could not be achieved through these conventional medias. The team decided to take a different and more economical route to achieve the target. A conscious call was taken to educate the customers. Also a target was taken that every store would reach out to 3 Elk people in a time span of 1 year.

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The project is named – 300*1000 project. No one in the industry has made efforts to educate people on gold. Also unfortunately the practices are not transparent. Gladiolus decided to own the education program and bring transparency in the business. Gold plus adopted a new innovative method to create purity awareness In rural arena. Gladiolus has been using karat meter to demonstrate the content of gold purity In theirs ornaments. We went to the extent of taking the entire “Karate’s Experience” to the doorsteps of rural homes.

Project 300*1000 has various components – 1 . Golden chariot (called”Than rather” in Tamil) is the bus equipped with karat meter, ultrasonic (cleaning m/c) machine, polishing machine, printed informative rescuers. The vehicle is also loaded with an LCD and a screen. The vehicle travels through villages, inviting people to check the purity of gold and clean if required free of change. Also at the end of day the vehicle shows films which educate people on Gold and purity. This bus is accompanied with a branded Martha van.

This Martha van along with the gladiolus promoters will goes to particular location prior to bus schedule and communicate about the arrival of Golden chariot through local cable, leaflets and loud speaker. People from that town and near villages can check the rutty of their Jewelry , clean the Jewelry and receive communication about gold manufacturing, Do’s and don’t of Jewelry and how to maintain the of the Jewelry. Also, lot of games and quiz program with prizes has been conducted for the people. The entire experience also has some entertainment in the form of songs videos screened.

The bus has already traveled to 2 idiots of TN and has covered over 600 Villages. 2 more Chariots – one for Andorra Pradesh and one more for TN are in the pipeline. 2. Wedding Tracking – A team collects data on people who are getting aired/ planning to get married and approach them with a gift, sweet box , wedding catalogue and an invite to the store. Post the visit of customer to the store, the store team ensures that they attend the wedding and give a special gift to the newly wed. Also a special banner is put for wishing the newly wed. 3.

Rural Tracking – Every store has a list of villages and every village is marked in a color based on the awareness levels and educational campaigns run. The aim is to have a green in front of every village. This happens only when a certain set of educational activities are run in the illegal and there is a certain level of awareness. 4. Factory and store Visit – Free visits are being organized to factory from various boutiques every week. The aim is to create awareness on the process used in gold manufacturing and the efforts put in to ensure pure gold.

Also a special interactive session is done to take feedback from the customers. 5. The store team also under take various customer connect events. The aim is to create a connect with the customers. These include events like Saba’s Chute, Sampan and Women’s day. If part of technology is purchased from out side, please explain Caretaker is a aching which shows the content percentage of different material in any metal. This machine is made in . A new set of software requirement has given to karate’s vendor to customize the software according to gold purity checking.

What were the hurdles faced and how did you overcome them Hurdles-# 1 Jeweler’s in the local area have shown their opposition to move the vehicle and felt as thread. Action: It has been informed that, this vehicle would communicate about gold purity and its importance only. Hurdles-#2 Operational issues-Karat meter is very sensitive, so transporting to various places loud leads to malfunction Action: The karat meter is very sensitive, even small Jerk in the Journey would leads to malfunctioning.

It is very tough and hard Job to traveling in road less area. The karat meter has been kept in strong base and tied very strongly to escape from any Jerks. Repairing the karate’s is very expensive and time consuming one. Also, it needs air-conditioned atmosphere accordingly this vehicle has been air-conditioned. Impact Economic/profit We would like describe the profits in two headings as follows a) Society People are educated by purity, tips on gold and its products. Also, the profits are quantifiable. E. G. The average loss per gram is RSI. 8 if purity is 21 kit instead of 21st (if Gold rate is RSI. 1 500). The “Golden chariot”record shows clearly, the average karat is only 18 Karat I. E. An average customer losses RSI. 205/- per gram . B)Brand Profit to the brand is as follow 1 . More walk-ins from catchments town 2. Awareness about brand and products 3. Created brand ambassador in rural arena 4. Expectation- more sale 5. Low cost marketing activity 6. More people coverage (interactive) Environment KDE is the one of the soldering material and volatile in nature.

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