Rural Marketing in Northeast India Assignment

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Rural Marketing in Northeast India sys Energies Rural Marketing System in the North Eastern States: problems, Diagnosis and Strategy Perspective Introduction . Agricultural Marketing system In North-Eastern States Rural Marketing system in Assam . Rural Marketing system in Tripper Agricultural and Rural Marketing system ;n Emphysema .

Perceptions of farmers on Rural Marketing : Promoting Agribusiness Marketing Channels : Development of Marketing Infrastructure for Farmers : Summary and Recommendations Background of the Study The economy of the northeastern region is predominantly agriculture comprising agriculture and horticultural crops. The rural marketing is largely unrecognized in the region and dominated by the private traders. The northeastern states have observed high production of fruits. Piece and cashew in the recent past but could not fetch market price to the farmers at par with the markets in the other states. The topography of the EN states is not favorable for the movement of the products, Besides. The infrastructure procurement practices, marketing approaches and processing facilities are also observed as the major constraints in the rural marketing n the EN region. The social and cultural taboos are also responsible to a large extent in not developing agro-industries in the region to provide better value addition to the horticultural crops.

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It is hence, necessary to diagnose the problems in the EN region for providing improved marketing environment and value added economic benefits to the farmers through better management of various post-harvest functions of the horticultural crops. Scope of the study The economy of the northeastern region Is predominantly agriculture consisting of agriculture and horticultural crops. That the North-Eastern Region of India Is an untapped reservoir of potential for development to horticulture Is stating the obvious.

Abounding In crops Like Banana. Pineapple, Cashew, Citrus, Ginger and Onions which have high commercial valve before or after processing, the region seems to nave already missed a great opportunity as Post-liberalized India is looking forward to penetrating international markets for some of Indian Horticultural products like grapes and mangoes as has happened in ports of Maharajah’s. Andorra Pradesh and Karakas.

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