How Different was English Christianity in the reign of Elizabeth Assignment

How Different was English Christianity in the reign of Elizabeth Assignment Words: 803

This report will compare and contrast how different English Christianity was in the reign of Elizabeth I to the childhood of Roger Martyr. Roger Martyr was a local gentleman who gave a detailed account of his childhood and how Christianity was greatly practiced. Through various time periods of English history, English Christianity differed tremendously. The basic beliefs of Christianity are that Jesus is both fully divine and fully human; humankind is inherently sinful, signifying estrangement from God as well as moral wrongdoing.

Jesus, the sinless Son of God is the essential means of conciliation between God and humankind, Jesus’ teachings, recorded in the New Testament, have unique spiritual and moral authority. Following Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent miraculous resurrection, which overcame the power of the sin and death,Jesus is still living in heaven. All who have true faith in Jesus have the prospect of forgiveness of sins in the world and eternal life in the world to come.

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After Jesus’ life on earth, God sent the Holy Spirit to initiate and empower the church in its continuing witness to these central hubs. Christianity teaches that God exists In three forms, The father, who created the world: the son, Jesus, who redeemed humankind; and the holy split, the continuing supernatural power In the life of the church. It would appear that both catholic and protestant Christianity share the same beliefs but they differ in their traditions.

Catholics are compared to Hindus for example Hindu temples are normally filled with images of Gods and provide a centre piece for procession, this gives off the Impression that Catholic rituals are based on visual racist where as Protestants are compared to the Muslim faith, where unlike Hinduism they exclude images and focus their rituals on scripture which is unseen within the religious establishment. Protestants stress that the beliefs were of personal faith rather than the rituals of the church of the time. However Catholics think otherwise.

Protestants also believe that authority within Christianity lay within the original text of the bible rather than with church traditions and the monarchy. Through Roger Martyrs childhood, the religious acceptance of that time was that of Catholics. This was at a time of when King Henry viii was at loggerheads with the papacy over the popes refusal to annul his first marriage to Catherine of Argon preventing him from marrying Anne Bobble. Through this period the atmosphere of where Roger Martyrs would have prayed was very visual as described by him ‘… Here was a goodly mount made of a great tree and setup to the foot of the window there, which he worshipped in Roger Martyrs account of the church in which he worshipped proved to have more visual centre pieces and ‘… N the tabernacle at the south end, there was a fair image of our blessed lady [Mary, the mother of Jesus], having the afflicted body of her dear son, as he was taken down, off the cross, laying along in her lap, the tears, as it were, running down pitifully upon her beautiful cheeks, as it seemed, bedding the said sweet body of her son, and therefore named the image of our lady of piety… By the 1 ass’s Protestantism grew through the work of Thomas Crammer who was the archbishop of Canterbury. There were many religious hinges when King Henry viii passed away in 1 547. This gave way for radical modifications in relation to Christianity and the way in which it was practiced. As King Edward vi was reigning over England at this time, people who ruled in his name led these changes. By 1 549 Thomas Crammer had compiled a new protestant order of service and in 1552 this order was revised in a more forceful way which saw that Catholicism was stamped out.

When Mary the first established control after her half brother passed away she imposed Catholicism was bought back as the Christian radiation, she however faced obstacles from a minor number of protestant believers. Evidence has shown that the lead up to Queen Elizabethan reign Protestantism was the favored practice of Christianity. Christianity was passed back and forth from Catholicism to Protestantism from the childhood of Roger Martyr through to the reign of Queen Elizabeth l.

Queen Elizabeth was a convinced Protestant, so naturally enforced their traditions on her subjects whereas during Roger Martyrs childhood Catholicism was the favored practice of Christianity. When comparing Protestantism with Catholicism over the two time periods of Roger Martyrs childhood and through Queen Elizabethan reign, it should be noted that although Queen Elizabeth was a devout protestant she kept many traditions such as the hierarchy of bishops which proves to be a catholic practice rather than protestant.

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