Homosexuality in popular hindi cinema Assignment

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It can be read as a conscious and deliberate rebellion against their misuse and abuse by male power within a middle class Indian family. Meat’s biggest affirmation of the Sebastian relationship that offers feminist resistance is at the end of the movie. Radar is made to go through a literal ‘jinrikisha’ or a trial by fire’ that is so central to the Indian psyche, foreground in the Hindu mythology Ramadan. Apart from these there is a movie like Girlfriend being made to use the subject of lesbianism as a political strategy to arouse the audience through a different kind of titillation.

This movie did not bother to probe into the psychological or emotional connotations of the woman-ottoman relationship, like fire, and reducing it to a crudely put together soft- porn thriller. It tries to satisfy the notion of ‘Evil West’ by showing Tanya (Aisha Okapi) a Christian as an obsessive, sexually abused and murderous lesbian character who attempts to prevent her female childhood friend Span (Marital Roar) a good Hindu who does not believe in Homosexuality, from pursuing a relationship with a man.

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So by falling back on the ‘Evil West’ argument, it shows homosexuality as a Western import. This homophobic narrative of girlfriend points to a dangerous trend since visual tickling around lesbianism may fuel further homophobia and the equation of independent women in cities with “loose” morals and character. Then there are movies like Fashion, Honeymoon Travels Put. Ltd in which the Gay characters are second to the narrative but the fear of coming out in society and thinking about the consequences make them to marry the opposite sex because of the social factors and family pressure.

While I AM(2011) directed by Noir, is about glimpses into the lives of people who often do not know what’s right and very often, do not do the right thing. There are four stories in the movie and only I AM OMAR deals with the problems faced by gays. It is inspired by stories and research material provided by the online portal Gay Bombay. It not only reveals how the policemen use article 377 to harass and blackmail gay men but it is also a horrific tale of sexual discrimination.

: In India, homosexuality continues to be seen as not Just a western phenomenon but also one that has been taken on by the wealthy urbanize upper-class. Another observation which can be made is apart from Fire, in all of these movies, the homosexual characters are shown to have some exposure to western culture or west. There are some typical aspects which can be associated with the characterization of gays and lesbians in these films.

The way in which arbitration and westernizes are attached to the homosexual characters, it seems that the main reason behind the existence of homosexuals can be seen as a possible outcome of their exposures to modernity or western culture. All the homosexual characters are settled in urban settings, being influenced by the modernity and exposed to the westernizes educated and thereby indicating their exposure to the polluted west. It also points out that these characters have adopted a lifestyle of a homosexual on their own.

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