Hinduism vs Islam Assignment

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Hinduism was established before Buddhism, however reform movements were starting to appear lead by people such as Shattered Augusta, who later became known as Buddha. He created the religion based on his teachings and it spread throughout the world; with this spread of Buddhism, Indian culture also began to spread. India was a very powerful civilization, Alexander the Great and his successors weren’t even able to conquer it, and with this powerful, long-lasting civilization, India created many philosophies.

Some of the influence for the Indian civilization’s philosophies and ideas are believed to possibly have come from neighboring civilizations such as the Greeks or areas in the Middle East and Africa. Either way, the Indian’s were very influential. The Pinheads were one hundred eight philosophical texts that reflected old wisdom. These were passed down generations orally. Schopenhauer, a European philosopher, even said, “there is no study as beneficial and as elevating as the Pinheads. Besides the Pinheads, the Indian philosophy has three central tenets of the Indian way of thinking: assimilation, belief in cycles, and acceptance of the coexistence of opposites. Besides philosophies and religion, the Indians contributed much more to the world. Indian concepts influenced Greek thinking, and Arabs translated many Indian works into Arabic and spread them across Europe. The Indian civilization also changed the oral as we know it today by creating zero-no one else at the time had an equivalent to zero in their mathematics.

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Indians also influenced the Roman numerals to change to ten symbols, which is far more convenient. Indians also created the concept of “infinity’ and “black holes. ” As you can see, the Indian civilization had much influence on the world, and continues to today. To this day, we still use many of the philosophies that the Indians created; imagine math without using zero! India is one of the greatest civilizations to live on this world because they had such great influence on the lives of everyone.

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