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To Hindus, every person has an essential self or atman. Some view it as the same as brahmas, & others as a form of brahmas. The ultimate goal of existence, Hindus believe, is achieving Anamosa or union with brahmas. To do that, individuals must free themselves from selfish desires that separate them from brahmas. Most people cannot achieve mimosa in a single lifetime &, therefore,believe in reincarnation. In each existence,Hindus believe a person can come closer to achieving mimosa by obeying the law of karma. Karma refers to all the actions of a person’s life that affect his or her fate in the next life.

To Hindus, all existence is ranked. Humans are closest to brahmas. Then animals,plants,; objects like rock or water. Live a good life, ; you will come back to try ; find your mimosa at a higher level. To escape the wheel of fate, Hinduism stresses the importance of dharma- the religious ; moral duties of an individual. These duties vary from Another moral principle is shim, or nonviolence. Hindus believe closely with a caste or social system into which people are born amp; rarely can change. The higher the caste, the stricter the rules.

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People in the higher castes had the strictest rules ; could not marry outside their caste or face punishing, loss of Jobs, homes,etc. The idea was that the higher the caste, the closer you were to mimosa. If you mixed with a lower class, you could be corrupted. Buddhism began when a reformer, Shattered Guatemala left his family palace ; wandered around searching for the answers to life ; suffering. One day he finally had figured it all out ; he became known as the Buddha. He said that here were 4 truths in life. 1. Al of life is pain,suffering, ; sorrow. 2. The cause of suffering is negative thinking. 3. The only cure for the suffering is surrender. 4. The only way to surrender is to follow the eightfold path. The eightfold path: the right views,right aspirations,right speech, right conduct, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, ; right contemplation. Both Hinduism ; Buddhism stress nonviolence, ; believe in karma, formal rituals, ; gods of Hinduism, the Buddha ; Buddhism focus on seeking enlightenment through meditation.

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