Health Care Marketing in Practice Assignment

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In reticular, one productive hospital cannot simply “export” Its health care services across the country, and as we know from the car Industry, the lack of export markets and distant competitors can Impede the creative destruction that makes markets work. However, this Is an Incomplete Justification. Car repairs are also services, but few people think these require regulation. Yet, they differ In one key respect. While It is easy for me to determine the quality of my car repair, it is much more difficult for me to determine what counts as “good” health care.

A large part of this is linked to he uncertainty inherent in any kind of biological process. How does one determine if one is receiving sufficient care? Of course, if there is any gross negligence, it can be detected. Yet if the care is just slightly worse than it should be, there’s no real way for the consumer to know. The problem is compounded by the fact that most people rarely get sick. If you go to get your car repaired every month, you can quickly determine which shop Is the best. Unfortunately for neoclassical economists but fortunately for society as a whole, people need catastrophic care substantially less often than they need car repairs, thereby Impeding the market from finding the most efficient solution. Another example is used cars. A problem with used car markets is that it’s not entirely clear whether the car you wish to purchase is good or bad. This depresses the market value of used cars, both good and bad. But then producers of the more expensive good cars exit the market, further lowering the average quality of a used car until the market spirals out of existence.

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The market for health care is subject to similar pressures but in the opposite direction. For insurers, they cannot easily tell whether an applicant Is healthy or not. As a result, they charge the same premium to all individuals, which lead to healthy individuals dropping out of the market because they value the Insurance less. This process repeats Itself until premiums spiral upwards and no market for health care Insurance exists. As a health care professional, develop a process you could use to help people address the Issue presented by customer’s wants and needs.

Discuss how this process would directly approach. This system is a customer responsive healthcare delivery system. In a Microsystems approach, the patient is at the center of the process used to deliver or structure the care; in marketing, the core is meeting the needs of the customer, thus there is a link between the client and the clinics. Major stakeholder groups would gain revenue and increase their loyal customer base if the customer clients’ needs and wants are satisfied. Debate the need for marketing hospitals and clinics.

A hospital or clinic must advertise its core beliefs through a well thought of brand campaign. It is imperative for customers to know what their hospital stands for, what TTS core values are and how does it strive to stay true to those beliefs. Thus, if a hospital professes to provide ‘Total Patient Care’ as a consumer I would love to know, what it means and what all can I expect from the hospital. Similarly if a clinic is positioned as a”cutting edge technology’ center they would like to know what that mean as a customer.

A hospital must stand for something in the consumer’s eyes. New services keep getting added from time to time and the hospitals need to keep their customers updated about the commencement of a service with a nice campaign ND if needed also feature the medical leader/team in an advertisement. Marketing a clinic or hospital should aim to educate customers. Symptoms, treatment options, success rates, technology available and the medical expertise available.

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