Health Care Marketing Assignment

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The United States spends more than $4. 2 billion annually as a resource to market In the direction of health care consumers. Advertisements consist of pharmaceuticals, alternative medicine, and In many cases, lawsuits as a result of alleged bad drugs. The two forms of marketing are direct to consumer advertising (DACCA) of medicines to treat a disease or illness, and direct advertisements reaching more diverse populace of health care consumers requiring medication.

Through the practice of print advertisements, television announcements, radio commercials, the far-reaching side effect of health care marketing is fast becoming an epidemic. My Opinion on Current Health Care Marketing Techniques While my pollen on health care Is apparent, I also realize the ever-changing atmosphere and understand that with change come dilation responsibilities. From first-hand accounts and voice-to-voice with family In the health care arena, I am fitful that all possible improvements have been implemented.

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It is my desire to see a more established forefront to the real problems in health care. We have great potential in this country to improve the processes and services available to health care consumers. How I feel Current Marketing Techniques Are Affecting Consumers? Marketing techniques, in my opinion, often overstep the boundary of ethical behavior; more particularly regarding the use of pharmaceutical marketing techniques.

I often wonder about the validity of claims made on behalf of pharmaceutical companies, providing vast amounts of Information to an unrecognized audience. “A recent content analysis of 38 television commercials concluded that the emotional appeal overshadowed factual information about the factors for disease, and 19% suggested lifestyle changes as adjunctive treatments” Pharmaceutical Industry Profile 2007.

This information has aided in forming an opinion about how techniques are often over-extended to reach a more diverse population, often with disregard to how this information is perceived by the audience. Conclusion I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course. My hopes are to expand my understanding of the processes of health care marketing, learning all the facets of techniques, capabilities, and social responsibilities. References Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America. Pharmaceutical Industry profile 2007. Washington.

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