Health Care Marketing Assignment

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I will also discuss my opinion on current health care marketing techniques and trends; if I feel current marketing techniques are affecting consumer trends, if I do, why, and if I e any positive or negative impacts on health care workers due to current marketing techniques and trends. As defined by the Definition of Marketing website (2007), “Marketing is the activity, set of instructions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society.

Within the health care setting, marketing varies from patient focus to the physician, which is the most important factor in health care. Without the physician and the patient, the revenue and growth of health care would be null. A patient is the individual seeking the service, and the physician is the one providing the service, so they go hand in hand, and are the ones who need to be Impressed. When a patient is seeking a particular service from health care professional, funds is an important resource.

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A patient must have financial resources and/or Insurance, to ensure the service fee can be provided for. On the opposite side of the tracks, the physician or health care providers must have the service, and the skills to perform this service for the patient to partake. In order for the services to be revived, a health care facility, such as a hospital or clan will seek some type of advertising to encourage future vaults of new patients to seek medical advice for particular medical based Issues. Many health care faceless have various ways to market services they are offering to the public.

One particular marketing strategy Is promoting the skills and services the health care faculty Is offering, such as quality care. When a facility offers individuals quality patient care within the facility, this is a technique that encourages patients to seek medical care at the facility. Quality care ND positivist within a health care setting is a popular marketing strategy entices a potential client. When proven to be true, this technique gains the trust and encourages visitation of many new patients.

Many health care facilities depend on the Internet, television, social media networks, radio, and the media to gather and report information, which encourages the public to seek the attention of that particular facility. When a health care facility market services on the Internet, the information is seen by many audiences of many ages. When searching on the internet, a website contains much information, such as services offered to the immunity by a particular organization, this history of the facility, awards received, complaints, quality, and costs.

When an individual is looking for a particular service, it is important for the consumer to be reassured the facility is efficient, offers quality care, is reliable, and can suit the patients’ medical needs. The Internet informs the patient if the facility offers all the above services, and if the facility provides what they are offering. When using the Internet, I believe that these marketing strategies work in an effective manner when reaching out to the community to gain attention clients. Health care organizations tend to use family-oriented type of marketing to entice patients and focuses on emotion.

When health organizations focuses on emotional marketing, it seems to make a patient feel that the organization feels his or her pain, and can give the patient what he or she needs. When a facility shows compassion, it comforts the patient, and encourages the patient to depend on that organization for support. Education and compassion are two important things that a patient requires, and if a facility can give this to the patient, it reassures the attain and the family, which in turn can lead to a healthy facility/patient relationship.

A successful relationship with the patient and facility can lead to success for the organization later down the road, which is a key for success in marketing. Marketing is used to send out information pertaining to a particular service or product that an organization wants the public to consider using. The Internet is a useful tool to market many health care services, yet it can sometime impact the organization in a negative manner; but using the internet can definitely e a successful tool to get information to a broad audience of different age groups.

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