Gillette Marketing Strategy Assignment

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By mid-1982, Right Guard position dropped to umber five in the market and its market share was dropped to 8. 5%. White Rain was a shampoo that was introduced as a low price brand in 1952, but it was phased out in the late assess. PC division of Gillette decided to distribute White rain shampoo and conditioner In May 1985 and also decided to promote all three White Rain products(hall spray, shampoo, and conditioner) leading them to success. Analysis: Toilette’s Marketing Planning and Control System Planning and Control System was time consuming.

The marketing managers developed long-term plans which are not efficient because companies and markets change periodically . So when you use short term plans it is more efficient. Gillette system was divided into two subsystems, planning system and control system. Each April the sales planning department and the brand managers organize meeting to discuss changes in marketing plan and prepare fact book. Fact books were the most important documents which cover activities of PC and its competitors.

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Fact book is based upon sales/marketing meeting, MR., outside market search and brand management. With the help of fact books , brand managers develop marketing plans over the next three months. A key goal at the marketing plan stage was to develop an accurate forecast for brand’s annual volumes of sales. The marketing plan goes to Operating Committee for approval. After the marketing plan , marketing managers and Bob Forman creates the strategic business plan where the brands were divided Into four rough categories.

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