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Essay on Cinema Cinema is a relatively new alternative to the theatre and other performance-based entertainments. Cinematography, however, has much longer history and has already evolved a lot during the last fifty years. The history of movies goes back to centuries from today. It started with motion pictures and, mostly as a part of social gatherings, such as carnivals and festivals, slowly started to gain its importance in the world of communication and entertainment.

The twenty first century gave bigger spin to the cinematography and made it a part of advertisement practices and mass media. The position of the cinematography in the history is unique. On the one hand, it was inspired by art and music, while on the other, it helped to promote culture and made it reachable and accessible for general public. The role of cinema in the globalization is extremely important, as at some stage it became the voice of “abroad” for people in the countries.

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In modern society, cinema has occupied strong position in the entertainment industry. Every day new cinema theatres are being opened all over the world and it becomes one of the most popular ways to spend free time, especially among younger generations. Modern cinemas do not compete with each other on availability only, as business environment calls them to develop further and ensure that cinema becomes one of the cultural drivers in the society.

Today, we can find modern and large cinema theatres almost in every town of the developed countries. Cinemas are trying to get all the latest movies in order to attract customers. This competition makes the industry develop and improve at a rate that is exponentially faster than anyone could initially assume. Personally I love cinema and strongly believe that it is the future of our generations. While theatre and musicals will still exist in their niches, cinema will further acquire the market and its audience.

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