Egyptian Religion vs. Christianity Assignment

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Christianity vs. Egyptian religion “A set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. ” Also know as religion. Religion is a topic that has cause many conflicts, fights, arguments and even wars. There are heaps of different belief systems all over the world. One of the oldest is the Egyptian religion. One of the main religions is Christianity. These are the two religions that I am going to compare. The ancient Egyptians thought up many different ideas about the world, and a lot of them were focused on the numerous gods and goddesses that they had.

The ancient Egyptians had a god for everything; from Seth the god of evil, to Ma’at the goddess of truth. Their gods were worshipped and prayed to constantly. Christianity is very different to Egyptian religion, though. There is only one god, and he is God. He gets offerings and prayers, just like the ancient Egyptian gods. Unlike the ancient Egyptian gods, there is actual proof that God is real; the Bible. In the Bible it says: “The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. ” Psalm 12:6 This shows that God is definitely real, whereas the Egyptian gods don’t actually have any proof.

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The Bible is filled with stories, examples, passages and ways to live a good life and to live for eternity in heaven. Ancient Egyptians and Christians both needed the guidance of books to have immortality. The ancient Egyptians’ book’s contents weren’t at all similar to the Bible, but it had to same objective as the Bible; to help the reader have eternal life. The ancient Egyptians’ book was called The Book of the Dead. It contained spells that would ward off evil creatures and details of what one would expect in the afterlife. Most Christians go to church on Sundays.

This is where Christians go to worship, pray and praise God. The ancient Egyptians also had a place that was where they worshipped and praised their gods, the temples. Their temples had statues of the gods and it was also a place where they made offerings to the gods. I personally believe that the Christian belief system is better than the Egyptian belief system because you only have to give your heart to Jesus and believe in him. However, the ancient Egyptians constantly made offerings to their gods and had to pray and worship them very often.

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