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Owned Media: carry communication megs from the org to net users on owned channels(our site) Paid media: properties owned by others who are paid to carry promotional megs (advertising) Earned media: when Individual’s conversations become the channel (WHOM) Media type Definition: Examples: The role Benefits Challenges Owned

Channel a brand controls Web site, mobile site, blob twitter account Build for LET RSI with existing potential customers and earn media Control, cost efficiency, longevity, versatility, niche audiences, build B image No guarantees, company communication not trusted, takes time to scale Paid Brand pays to leverage channel Display ads, paid search, sponsorship Shift from foundation to a catalyst that feeds owned and creates earned media In demand, immediacy, scale, control

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Clutter, declining response rates, poor credibility limited control Earned When customers become the channel WHOM, Buzz, viral Listen & respond – earned M Is result of well executed & coordinated owned/pall media Most credible, key role in most sales, transparent and lives on No control, can be negative, scale, hard to measure Owned media: Content marketing: strategy involving creating & publishing content on sites and in social media.

Having content available to inform ,entertain and engage users when eek the company Companies organizing themselves as media publishers online All owned media is content Sell digital content on media (music software), accept Google Ad Sense and recover payments when click on ads. Websites: Marketing public relations (MR.) brand related actively & non paid, 3rd party media coverage to positively Influence market. DVD for using W to publish plus Info: low cost alternative, Info updated, can reach new prospects. Entertain, build communities, communication channel, provide info and

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