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Social media marketing can be observed by examining the buzz on social media marketing, measuring the return on investment of new marketing strategies with social media, and how to better market while using social media. Stephanie Walden wrote an article to explain social media and marketing. She talks about the needed Job position of social media manager for large companies. Walden quotes Dane Atkinson when speaking about the change of place marketing.

She quotes, “if you’re selling to enterprises (expending resources on social media) may not make any sense; but if you’re selling directly to consumers, you want to be part of their direct environment” (Walden, 2014). The objective of marketing is to get a company’s name out and sell products, so it is vital for marketing to observe where is best to reach consumers. Walden explains that social media marketing is not Just about getting the company name in front of a customers face, but it requires actual conversation, hence, social media.

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She quotes Peter Friedman saying, “To be social, you must focus on creating actual back-and-forth conversations and make them more about your customers than about your brand and products” (Walden, 2014). Because of this free flow of communication, it is important for social media teams to carefully attach how the conversation is moving. Walden writes, “part of this process comes down to keeping a close eye on the ongoing, online conversation about your brand” (Walden, 2014). The conversations online could make or break a brand or product, or at least do quite some damage.

For marketing teams, it is important to have this position as someone who understands the difference between normal Public Relations and social media duties. On the other hand, these programs have to work together to get the point across, overall. Heavy Schwartz says, “there as to be a concerted effort to ensure that social is in line with strategic objectives and other racketing activities” (Walden, 2014). With the different types of marketing working together, it is easier for consumers to see how a company brand is, and easily communicated back to customer service agents.

So, where is social media marketing going wrong? Jonathan Long, in his article “8 Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Needs Attention,” writes about the biggest mistakes in social media marketing. The first mistake is making social media posts look too promotional. Social media needs to be used for communication and discussions with consumers, not Just in-your-face ads. Second mistake is not posting regularly. Long writes, “Many businesses start off strong, but then the posts become less frequent, and then posting and updates eventually come to a complete stop… He worst thing you can do is build up a social audience and then stop posting” (Long, 2014). Almost as disastrous is if a company uses an auto posting system. An auto posting systems that works in one social media site, does not necessarily work in another site. Social Media sites have different audiences and discussions. Long writes, “Make sure you get the most out of each social channel; so keep testing until you discover works the best for your rand,” (Long, 2014). One of the largest mistakes of a social media marketer is to ignore questions and replies.

Social media sites are used for dialogue; therefore, it is crucial for companies to engage in conversation. Long explains, “If you are not responding to questions fast enough you are missing out on an opportunity to turn that connection into a possible conversion” (Long, 2014). It is also important to start or encourage conversations with consumers. Social media should create conversations to build relationships with consumers, so they continue to purchase the company’s products and gain brand loyalty. After researching the proper techniques, it is important to measure the return on investment.

Sara Angels writes about ROI in her article, “Social Success? How to Measure Social Media Marketing ROI. ” She explains that it is difficult for companies to measure their return, so she sets out a list on how to measure a social media investment. First, a company must define its goals. What does it want to accomplish? Second, Angels promotes using Peter Trucker’s advice of the “SMART” methodology. This method explains how goals should be set up: specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timed. By meeting these five requirements, a company can observe their goal and review if they were met properly and efficiently.

Next, Angels requires a company to tailor their methods for social media. She writes, “The foundation of your metrics should be audience, reach, engagement and sentiment” (Angels, 2014). The last two steps include collecting data and making a system that works for the company. After the data is collected, it must be evaluated. Data should be collected to be used to evaluate past posts and conversations, determine how posting should be in the future, and determine if the social media is irking for the company.

Long writes, “There are many different metrics models you can use to guide your approach, but it’s also helpful to evaluate what’s important to your brand and develop systems for evaluating performance in those key areas” (Long, 2014). By observing the differences in marketing hands, looking at the mistakes of social media, and evaluating the investment put into the media, a marketer can determine which social media is most effective. Therefore, a marketer should use social media marketing to gain relationships with consumers through communication and turn to the “place” where consumers are.

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