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Background: Considering the current volume of internet marketing business, it’s hard to believe how young the internet marketplace is. While the timeline of internet marketing has been short, the cumulative events leading up to where we are now have Impacted the inure globe faster than any marketing revolution In history. Today, It’s hard to believe in having an organization which doesn’t have some kind of online presence. When the internet was first introduced in the early ass, the internet was treated as a tool for exchanging emails and digital information, but wasn’t yet considered valuable or reaching customers.

Soon, companies which had been spending huge chunks of their marketing budget on offline list building, begin to realize that they could accomplish the same thing via email and for much less. Whatever the case may be, Nepal Is still in the early phase of e-marketing and e- commerce. Only few people have access to Internet, among those, very few use internet for business purpose. Most of the people who have web access are keeping themselves busy on social networking sites. But the positive aspect is that the number of people realizing and using internet as an e-commerce are continuously Increasing.

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Human behavior and natures are so dynamic. We constantly want to change and our likes and preferences changes with time, trend and technology. Realizing this nature of human being and large Increment In the number of Internet users In Nepal, the founder of homophobia. Com saw an opportunity and founded homophobia. Com seven years ago. Homophobia. Com is free online site which enables individuals as well as companies to sell wide variety of new or used product online. Homophobia. Com Is a site that has created a platform where both seller and buyers can Interact with each there to buy and sell products and services.

Company Profile: I Sector: I I Category: I I Founded on: I I Headquarter: I I Website: I Mainframe title: I I Description meta tag: I Meta Keywords: cheap, expensive I Services I E-commerce Juicy 2005 I Katmandu, Nepal I http://www. homophobia. Com I Homophobia Napalm’s Online Marketplace I buy, sell, new, secondhand, used, bold. Auction, I PIP address: 1108. 162. 199. 82 Outlook on homophobia. Com Homophobia. Com is an e-commerce company based in Katmandu, Nepal. Homophobia is one of the popular sites in Nepal for free selling and purchasing of variety of new or used products.

It offers its users an easy and trendy way to purchase wide variety of new or used goods online. A buyer can choose a suitable product from the list of a large product variety and can purchase from the seller. People buy new products everyday or every week. All of us are buying new things every week. It can be a car, a book, a music CD, a DVD, mobile set, mobile accessories, services, toy and many more. But as time and technology changes, the products we purchase may get outdated or we may wish to buy a different product.

The reason to buy a new product or buy a different products could be several, change in genealogy, age of the product, malfunctioning of the product, wish to get updated with new product in the market, bought a product earlier that is not suitable and the list for reasons can continue. For all those who wish to sell their product and for all those who wish to purchase a new or a used product homophobia. Com is the perfect answer. The best thing above all, it is for free. Homophobia member can login and sell their products for free. Homophobia. Mom is free online classified which enables individuals as well as companies to sell wide variety of new or used product online. Homophobia is visited by around 50,000 unique visitors who use the site for buying and selling purpose. Compared to newspaper classifieds, homophobia. Com will provide more comprehensive detail and pictures thus enabling consumer to choose better. Homophobia. Com has created such platform where both seller and buyers can interact with each other Mission Statement and stated goals of homophobia. Com Homophobia. Mom does not appear to have a predetermined mission statement, nevertheless, the basic mission and goals of the Company is to provide a perfect solution for selling the products for free. It also believes that internet is a great promotional vehicle as well as communication channel for connecting buyers and sellers. In general, homophobia. Com has communicated that its mission is to influence technology and potential to provide the best buying experience on the Internet for free. Business Philosophy of homophobia. Com Despite its increasing popularity, homophobia. Com remains unremittingly focused on the costumers.

Since, the main philosophy of homophobia. Com is to help the web interface so that customers can enjoy their purchase on a trendy and an easy way. Reasons for popularity of homophobia. Mom Easy and catchy name to remember. Among Few Nepal e-commerce site that provides buying and selling of used goods. Addresses the universal nature of human behavior to sell what they do not need. Cheap way of advertising your product and services. Easy and free to use. Easy purchase and selling. (Find an item, Contact the seller, Finalize the deal) Wide variety of products and services. Provides user their own control panel, from where they have total control over their products and services. E-marketing strategies of homophobia. Com Homophobia. Mom has a reported a visit of around 50,000 unique visitors who use the site for buying and selling purpose. The strategy homophobia. Com is using to attract the web users to buy and sell products if by utilizing the 7 As of marketing. With the help of 7 As of marketing homophobia focuses it’s all of its marketing strategy on six pillars: Freely offering its products and services. Using a customer-friendly interface. Easily scaling and mining the products. Providing wide range of products and services. Using existing communication systems. Utilizing universal behaviors and mentalities. E-marketing efforts on some key strategies: Using these pillars as guidance, Homophobia has focused its marketing efforts on some key strategies: Continual Website Improvement (Process) In today’s stop-and-go internet traffic, an engaging, simple and easy-to-use website is a necessity. Homophobia. Com has worked hard and spent a huge amount of resource to identify problems, develop solutions, and further enhance the customer’s online experience.

Although Homophobia. Com has a large number of their web users it is continuously improving and upgrading its website, garnering new information and augmenting their already popular website. Easy buying and selling is homophobia. Coma’s one of major advantage point in comparison to other online buying and selling sites. It’s easy and customer friendly process attracts customer for its membership so they can buy and sell the product. The Customer’s Opinions (People/Physical Evidence) Each product is available for buyer’s reviews, and buyers may rate products on a hierarchical scale of 1-5 stars.

Buyers can see the item details, sellers’ details, description, item details, write a comment, and rate the product. Homophobia. Com embers may also comment and can speak with the buyer. Social Media Advertising (Promotion) Homophobia. Com has used the help of social media site like backbone and twitter to share its information and promote its site. Members can also post and tweet on the latest deals and advertisement. Some of the buying and selling activities are also done on these social networking on the consent of buyers and sellers. Value Creation by homophobia. Com: Homophobia. Mom creates value for its customers by offering a synergistic combination of the following benefits: Shopping Convenience: Any one who has the web accessibility can buy and sell their products. Membership or Log In is not necessary for buyers. Ease of sell and purchase Products can be sold simply by registering your account online. User can post their classifieds, edit existing classified, and delete their classifieds and more as soon as they register. User need to select an appropriate category to post their classified. Then they need to fill out the necessary information for that product. Homophobia. Mom manages every aspect of the e-commerce process and all you do is sit back, relax and Just wait for your buyer’s to call or email you. Homophobia. Com gives you the opportunity to view all the details and analyze before considering to purchase. Users can see the item details, sellers’ details, description, item details, write a comment, rate the product and can speak with the buyer. A wide selection Wide range of product categories like automobiles, mobile phones, computers, computer peripherals, accessories, Jobs, real state, homes and tools appliances, books and many more can be found in a single site.

Not only does it provide the wide range of product categories, but it also provides wide range in products age. From rand new to pretty old, like new to used for years can be found in a single site. Starts with “you” and ends in “you” From the first entrance into the homepage of homophobia. Com, it is all about you (buyer and seller). Seller can put his detail information about the product, select the price, and choose the mode of payment, negotiability in price. While the buyer can ask more details about the product to the seller, negotiate in price, choose the delivery location.

This site is completely dedicated to the customer who wants to buy and sell their products. The founder or the owner of this site will have zero interference between buyer and seller. No single aspect of homophobia. Com business model is sufficient to create a sustainable competitive advantage. It is the synergistic combinations of all of these information services and logistical processes that creates value for customers and comprise homophobia. Coma’s competitive advantage. Building Brand Equity of homophobia. Com Its brand positioning is built on the conviction that web shoppers want the ease and convenience of doing business on-line.

Based on this fundamental insight, homophobia. Com goes to tremendous lengths to make sure that the subjective, online hopping supports its brand positioning to make its brand stronger and build brand equity. SOOT Analysis of homophobia. Com Brand recognition: Homophobia. Com is synonym of buying and selling of goods online, particularly used goods. The business model: The model has the advantage of increasing revenues without incurring highly direct costs. Diversification: The variety of products that homophobia. Com offers in different categories with different product life suggests a large stability into the e-commerce field.

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